Saturday, May 9, 2020

Old School MOTU: Beast Man (Cartoon Colors) from Masters of the Universe ReAction by Super7

    I really like Super7's Masters of the Universe ReAction figures and I'm always looking for pieces to fill in gaps in my collection so when I stumbled upon a few releases from last year's series of blind-boxed ReAction figures. Beast Man here is obviously from the Snake Mountain series of figures and he's one of the standard that came boxed 2 per case. The standard figures in the blind boxes were designed to capture the Filmation appearances of the cast rather than the vintage toys so some of these are pretty desirable in that respect. Beast Man, however, comes out a bit less impressive than some of the others. Let's take a look and see whether this bumbling buffoon is worth adding to your shelf after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 3 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel hips, swivel shoulders, and a swivel head.

Accessories: Whip

Year of Release: 2019

Original Retail Price: $10 dollars


* I've reviewed a couple other ReAction Beast Man figures so this review is mostly focused on the new color scheme. From left to right we have the Cartoon Colors Beast Man I'm checking out today, the Beast Man with Weapons Pack, and the Leo Toys Beast Man. These are all the exact same sculpt with different paint jobs, so you might want to check out those reviews for the full details on the sculpt, articulation, and such.
 The Positives:

* This is intended to be a Filmation colored Beast Man and overall there are some really good efforts made to capture the Filmation look. The face is painted like the Filmation model, Beast Man's fur is more of a reddish orange rather than bright orange, and he's got painted wrist cuffs and an appropriately colored loincloth and belt. He's quite sharp overall.

*  If you've ever picked up a retro figure like this, you know what to expect: 5 points of articulation, all swivel joints. Beastman feels very well made and sturdy.  Super7 has been very consistent in the quality of their ReAction lines over the past couple of years and has definitely perfected the style. 

 * Every Beast Man figure has come with his whip and while the whip is smaller than the vintage accessory, it feels exactly the same: A plastic handle with a small black cord. He can hold it in either hand (he can either grip the small hand guard or slide his left hand through the hand guard) and it definitely completes the figure perfectly. 
 The Negatives:

* Why is Beast Man's medallion painted so messily? The vintage toy Beast Man certainly had this effect on his medallion but the Filmation Beast Man had a simple blue medallion. That really should have been the case here since this is being billed as a Cartoon Colors Beast Man.

* I'm also not a fan of Beast Man's feet being given a red spray effect. The Filmation Beast Man wore red boots and I presume that is what Super7 was trying to capture here, but it just doesn't work. It would have been better to either use another figure's legs or simply leave Beast Man's feet alone.
   Beast Man isn't a bad toy but he's an oddly approached Filmation colors variant. It would have been quite easy to paint his medallion accurately to the cartoon and to just leave his feet alone, but giving him two messy looking paint applications definitely doesn't convey the clean aesthetic of the Filmation animation. He's a Good and a 1/2 figure. Not the best Beast Man out there (not even in this line) but not a horrible, toy. Honestly, as a plain Beast Man he's not bad at all, but he missed the mark as the Filmation tribute figure he is supposed to be.

If you dig Beast Man, I've reviewed the Super 7 M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. series 1 version and the Series 2 green version, as well as the MOTUC Beast Man and Beast Man (Blood- Red Henchman) figures, Mattel's Club Grayskull Beast Man, the 200x minifigure Beast Man from the Heroes Vs. Villains Gift pack, the Mega Construx Beast Man from the Battle for Eternia set, the red Beast Man from Castle Grayskull, and He-Man VS Beast Man pack, the Monogram International Beast Man bag clip, Funko's Pint Size Heroes Beast Man, the Super7 Beast Man, the Japanese Vinyl Beast Man (Green), the ReAction Beast Man with Weapons Pack and Beast Man (Leo), and the VYNL Beast Man.

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