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Wrapping Up 2022: Evil-Lyn from Masterverse: Masters of the Universe Revelation by Mattel

   I really liked Masters of the Universe: Revelation and one of the best characters in the show was clearly Evil-Lyn. Man, Evil-Lyn was amazing in the show. Lena Headey was excellent as Evil-Lyn and the show gave her a fantastic character arc and some really amazing costumes. We received the traveling Evil-Lyn from the "modern" part of the show and now we've gotten Evil-Lyn as the Sorceress of Grayskull. The art for the show call this the SkeleSorceress look, so I'll go with that. I think it's definitely the most desired look at this point, though I have hopes that we'll eventually get Classic Evil-Lyn, GodLyn, and Liberated Lyn. Will Mattel deliver? I'm hoping so. For now, though let's check out this cool new SkeleSorceress version of Evil-Lyn after the break...

The Fact:

Height: 6 3/4th inches

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, boot swivels, double hinged knees, thigh swivels, balljointed hips, swivel waist, balljointed mid-torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, double hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, and a barbell jointed head.

Accessories: 4 interchangeable hands, cape, and wand.

Non-Scalper Price: $22 dollars

The Positives:

* Evi-Lyn's SkeleSorceress costume is pretty amazing in the show and Mattel has given an action figure version of it a really solid try, especially considering that Masterverse is a mass market retail line. While much of her costume is rendered from paint (which, to be fair, does look accurate to the show as it's clearly skin tight there in most places) her torso does have a raised bustier around her bust-line, so the detail isn't all paintwork. The colors are nice overall and look quite impressive, matching the design of the show.

* Evil-Lyn's face is really well done. She's both very sinister and severe looking, but also pretty hot, too. I love her eyes here.

* While the Sorceress Teela-Na has a falcon motif for her hood, Evil-Lyn is sporting a bat. Man, does this look amazing or what? I was absolutely floored when she popped up wearing this in Revelation and I'm still loving it. The paintwork is great and it just looks so menacing and cool.

* Evil-Lyn's cape is very cool, very bat-wing like with a large, sculpted collar and a soft goods cape. The cape has elastic loops, two for each arm, which keep it nicely attached when she's making dramatic poses.

* On the show Evi-Lyn's cape looks to be black on the back but I'm not disliking this purple cape at all. I'm actually loving the cut of it and the way it follows her arm movements. The collar even has cuts in the side which allow her shoulders to raise up higher.

* The articulation on Evil-Lyn is like any other Masterverse female, which means it's pretty solid. She feels like a quality figure with a nice amount of joints, a good range of motion, and a sturdy build. Evil-Lyn doesn't really have armor or anything that inhibits her motion, either, so her articulation moves freely. The cape moves nicely along with her arms thanks to the elastic straps looped over her arms.

* SkeleSorceress Lyn has four hands: Two open in various spell casting poses and two gripping for holding her magic wand. All of the hands have black painted nails and you can see where her long sleeves loop over her fingers.

* Her wand is the same as the previous Evil-Lyn Masterverse figure, just more silver. It looks to be heavily inspired by her Filmation staff, which was how it looked in Revelation, and it has bony, claw-like protrusions holding the translucent purple orb in place. The top of the orb does swivel, though that's probably just a leftover from the molding process so the purple and silver halves could connect.

The Negatives:

* The negatives I have with this figure have to do with the paint. Matte really did try and this figure makes extensive use of paintwork, but some various smudges and sloppy lines do hurt the effect a bit.

* Also, the sit of "fabric" across her belly isn't perfectly straight like in the show. It looks a bit off compared to how it's supposed to look.

   It's a pretty exciting time to be a Masters of the Universe fan, isn't it? Besides the nebulous movie on the horizon (you know, if it ever happens), there's lots of new entertainment, multiple toy lines, and plenty of other cool stuff. I mean, how cool is it to get this version of Evil-Lyn? She's a unique design that we haven't seen in toy form before. Mattel really tried to accomplish her look and while it's not perfect (considering the paint flaws), Evil-Lyn really did turn out well. She's a Good and a 1/2 figure and a nice addition to the line-up. Now, make the rest of the MOTU Revelation Evil-Lyn outfits, please!

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  1. Bat-Lyn is as good as anything. What do you think the chances are that we get a Classic Evil-Lyn, GodLyn, and Redeemed Lyn? I think Classic Lyn is inevitable, GodLyn seems like a maybe, and Redeemed Lyn probably a pipe dream.

  2. The bat head dress is very cool. Definitely a cool costume for her.

    1. Yeah, it's always really fun to see an actual new costume for a MOTU character.

  3. I keep forgetting that they showed her off last year. Hopefully we get a preorder soon!

  4. MekaneckfrenchiefrogMarch 26, 2023 at 7:58 AM

    Mine came with an ankle/foot articulation which was completely stuck, I couldn't move it at all, so I couldn't get her to stand on her feet properly (annoying, to say the least.. I could already picture her staying in her box forever). Anyway, I used a hair-dryer on it, and it worked ! (so thanks for that tip, guys !).. It also had a big paint chip on the black part of her outfit, but this was easily fixed using a black Poska marker. Do you guys have Poska markers in the US ? I believe they're from Japan, but they are just perfect to correct paint chips on figures. In fact I used to "paint" model kits with them.. Whatsoever, Bat-Lyn = heart throb of the year (lol).. Brunettes with batwings 4ever !

    1. I'm glad the hair dryer trick worked. I use it quite often and it tends to fix most problems with stuck or tight joints. And yes, I am familiar with Poska markers. My dad and my daughter do lots of art projects together and those are some of their favorite marker to use. I'm going to have to borrow some and mess around with them.


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