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Action Figure Review: Ultimate Warrior from Masters of the WWE Universe by Mattel


   Ultimate Warrior is the Heroic Champion of Masters of the WWE Universe and the star of the greatest anti-smoking PSA of all time. Ultimate Warrior was released in Masters of the WWE Universe previously as part of series 1 and proved to be one of the most popular figures of the series. That figure seems to have been based on the Masters of the Universe concept character Oo-Lar while this figure has Vikor's cape with him so, for some reason, Ultimate Warrior strikes someone as being a proto-He-Man kind of guy. He's another figure from series 6 and since this line is exclusive to Walmart you just can't reliably find them. That's a shame, too, as this is a really fun toyline. Let's take a look at Ultimate Warrior after the break...

The Facts:
Height: 5 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, calve swivels, swivel/hinge knees, balljointed hips, waist swivel, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, and a barbell head.

Accessories: 4 arm tassels, cape, armor, and minicomic.

Non-Scalper Price: $15 dollars


* The series 6 Ultimate Warrior is on the left while the series 1 Ultimate Warrior is on the right. Overall they're the same figure with different paint jobs. The only differences are the colors, the harnesses, and the forearms as the new Ultimate Warrior has armored cuffs while the original figure has simple bands. They have really different hair colors too, oddly enough.

The Positives:

* This time Ultimate Warrior is decked out in white and red with a little bit of black and grey. It's a cool color scheme and it's quite different from the last figure. This figure really looks like a standard Ultimate Warrior figure other than the chest harness (a modified version of He-Man's harness with a bit more Jack Kirbyesque tech in it) and the armored wrist cuffs. 

 * The headsculpt is same on this version of Warrior as the previous release although his hair is much lighter and his facepaint is different. The portrait is very caricatured but I'm not sure that's a bad thing here. It makes him fit in better with the MOTU Origins figures and the overall aesthetics of the body design.


* Ultimate Warriors has some cool knee pads and some really funky boots. The printing on these is really nice and super clean.

 * The MOTWWEU figures are built like the MOTU Origins figures.  While their bulky frames make the articulation a bit clumsy, they do feel like an evolution of vintage MOTU and wrestling figures. They're quite fun to play with and are very sturdy!

* They're also modular and the parts can be easily separated to make your own lazy boy customs!

* The included minicomic features an awesome image that pays homage to the vintage minicomic "The Powers of Grayskull: The Legend Begins!" I love the artwork on this one.

The Negatives:

* Ultimate Warrior has two fists. I guess some folks might find that to be a welcome feature but I find it disappointing that he can't hold any accessories without having to swap his hands with those from another character.

* The only item that Warrior doesn't come wearing in the package is this red cape. The cape is reused from the Masters of the Universe Classics Vikor figure (based on one of the He-man concept drawings) and while it's quite cool it just doesn't work here. The proportions of the figure just don't allow the cape to hang naturally or fit over his neck well at all. His head leans forward as it pushes on his hair. It's a cool piece but clearly wasn't tested well.

   Ultimate Warrior is a cool looking figure with a great color scheme but he's not an improvement over the original release from series 1. No weapon, hands that can't hold weapons, and a flawed cape definitely bring him down. That's a real shame, too, as the design and color scheme is excellent and he Ultimate Warrior is just a fun character. He seems to be the most popular character in series 6 but it's the fandom's love for Warrior that's the primary selling point. He's a Good and a 1/2 figure but he should have been reaching for greatness.

   If you, like the Ultimate Warrior, only breath the air that smells of combat, then check out my review of the Ultimate Warrior M.U.S.C.L.E. figure from Super7 and the Masters of the WWE Universe series 1 Ultimate Warrior.

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  1. Did you do reviews of the new wwe superstars line? Same body used but all wwe wrestlers. Would love to see the reviews on those as well.

    1. I did not. I only picked this line up because of their connections to Masters of the Universe.


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