Sunday, October 3, 2021

Minifigure Review: Man-E-Faces from Masters of the Universe by Mega Construx

   A new series of the Masters of the Universe Mega Construx figures has started showing up recently and mine were delivered sometime last month. Interestingly, the five individually carded figures in this set (Scare Glow, Tri-Klops, Roboto, Trap Jaw, and Man-E-Faces) came shipped in a cardboard mailer designed to hold the five figures as one set. It seems that Mattel is definitely working to make selling some of their merchandise easier for e-tailers and that's a good thing. Lately it's been easier to get Mattel stuff online than it has been in the past. Man-E-Faces is one of two Heroic Warriors in this set, both of whom are new characters to the Mega Construx line. Let's take a look at this multi-faced master after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 2 inches

Articulation: Hinged knees, balljointed hips, swivel waist, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/ hinge elbows, swivel wrists, and a balljointed head.

Accessories: 2 piece armor, laser pistol, and display stand.

Non-Scalper Price: $5 dollars

The Positives:

* Man-E-Faces looks excellent here. These little guys remind me of miniaturized versions of the Masters of the Universe Classics line which is a great thing since it's still the best MOTU line of all time (You disagree? Let's go, chump!). Man-E-Faces is decked out in his classic...whatever the heck he's wearing. It's odd, isn't it? He's supposed to be an actor but his outfit has always reminded me of something that might be used by an Eternian miner or something. Couldn't you see that? The suit is really detailed with clean paint applications on the purple details such as the tubes and padding. Also of interest is the fact that the color of his body matches his face. The vintage toy has an orange body, perhaps as if he's wearing a body suit, while the cross sell art on the back of the original package showed Man-E-Faces skin visible underneath his blue gear, thus Mattel went with the cross sell art design here.


* Man-E-Faces definitely has an interesting helmet and while the purple dial is larger in proportion to the dial on other figures it still functions the same. Spin the dial and you can switch his faces. Here is Perkaedo's true face (that's Man-E-Faces' real name) which has either some interesting eye paint or a mask.


* Next up is the robot face. In the Filmation series Man-E-Faces just used different disguises somehow but the vintage minicomic "The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces" had Skeletor force Man-E-Faces to drink a potion which turned him into a monster. After the intervention of the Sorceress and further meddling from Skeletor the robot personality emerged. Why? Who knows. Still, it's pretty cool looking. I love the sculpt and the colors here, especially on his eyes.


* Here's the aforementioned monster face. Green skin. Sharp teeth. Red eyes. Yup, he's a monster alright. Groovy.


* Like the rest of the figures in this line Man-E-Faces is well articulated and ready for battle. These really are some of the nicest minifigures out there and they're incredibly fun. If you haven't picked up on yet and you're either a MOTU fan or a minifigure fan, you really need to.


* Man-E-Faces also comes with his massive reddish-orange laser pistol. It's a great take on his vintage accessory (which also showed up in the vintage Weapons Pak).


* Look! Mattel even included a little stage for Man-E-Faces to perform on! It's a simple display stand with his name on it. This is a great little stand for displaying the figure, even if you want to put him in more extreme poses.

   I'm really impressed with Man-E-Faces. I'm just continually impressed by the Mega Construx team as they're just doing an excellent job with this line and keep coming up with more fun, innovative items. Man-E-Faces is an excellent figure and the way his rotating faces work is just superb. He's a really well engineered little figure and just a remarkable toy. This guy is definitely the early runner for my favorite figure in this set. Will the other figures be able to surpass him? We'll find out soon enough! 

   For more of Man-E-Faces check out my reviews of the MOTU Origins Man-E-Faces and the green Man-E-Faces from the M.U.S.C.L.E. Masters of the Universe Set #1 and the flesh colored M.U.S.C.L.E. Man-E-Faces
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  1. Yeah one of my faves. Love how they shrank his gimmick down and each face is nicely painted. :)

    1. They really did do a fantastic job. The Mega Construx team has been on fire for the past couple years.

    2. Yeah I got hooked on their stuff with the 2016 movie TMNT figures which introduced me to the crazy level of articulation then nabbed me a load of the ones based on the 80s toon as well (sorely missing the Technodrome though cos it wasn't released in UK and the shipping of something that heavy from US to UK added onto the already high expense of the set itself... and needing a new shelf to display it... puts it right out of budget. So I may never have Splinter which I would love from fondness for the character and I'm a pet rat owner) then I got hooked on a whole of the 'Heroes' figures like He-Man, Skeletor, Picard, Xenomorph, Kratos, Hellboy, Predator etc then MCX expanded MotU into a full line of it's own and every set has been really cool. MotU wasn't even my fave thing in the 80s (I liked it enough and had a bunch of the toys but my absolute fave cartoon was ThunderCats and we been asking MCX to get that license for the past few years too) but I've been enjoying collecting MCX MotU and having a new appreciation for some of the characters by purchasing them in highly articulated minature form. When Mega switched from their blatant LEGO clone figures to their current super-posable and detailed style they really found their own part of the otherwise LEGO-dominated bricktoy market. I loved building LEGO sets when I was a kid but even then I just wasn't fond of the overly simplistic mini-figures. I know they're an iconic style but just never been my thing. ONe of my fave toy purchases ever has been MCX Castle Grayskull. A fun lengthy build resulting in a great brick-representation of the iconic playset and 6 of those awesome lil figures. It's a good thing I don't buy much else cos I have very low income (very longterm health issues mean a suitable job almost impossible to find) so I gotta start saving for Snake Mountain. The prototype looked amazing even in all it's test colours. The full complete, correctly coloured set should be a hell of a great time. :)

    3. If there's ever anything you can't get easily in the UK let me know. I don't mind picking something up here and shipping it over to you.

      My daughter has a massive Lego Harry Potter collection and those are super fun to build and play with with her but I do like the Mega Construx figures better for action based properties like MOTU. They're just excellent minifigures!

    4. Hey cool. Thanks for the offer. I don't like being a bother but if there's anything I feel I absolutely super-need I may enquire (not the Technodrome that would just too much trouble and expense for everyone involved :P ) it's nice that you offered so I have an option. :)

      Oh yeah I'm not much into Lego and I'm certainly not a fan of Harry Potter but if I had a kid who had those I'd just enjoy playing whatever they want with them and being a good dad and enjoying the sense of being a kid again through their enjoyment of their toys. :)


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