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Action Figure Review: Battle Cat from Masteverse/ Masters of the Universe: Revelation by Mattel


   I am so excited for Masters of the Universe: Revelation this week and I think another action figure review from Mattel's new Masterverse line is in order to help us all make it through this week. Today I'm checking out the massive Battle Cat from the Masterverse line! Since the line is called Masterverse and "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" is listed as sort of a subtitle it seems that Mattel has plans to eventually add characters from different MOTU eras into the line. So far, though, everything seems to be based on the new animated series which is fine with me. I'm liking the new looks for the characters and the overall design of the show. Battle Cat is sold in an oversized window and so far seems to only be popping up at, which is where I found mine. Ready for a look at Battle Cat? The join me after the break...

The Facts:

Dimensions: 5 1/4 inches tall, 13 inches long
Articulation: Swivel/hinge feet (x4), swivel/hinge rear lower leg (x2), swivel/hinge knees (x4), balljointed hips (x4), swivel/hinge tail, balljointed lower torso, balljointed midtorso, hinged neck, balljointed head, and hinged jaw.
Accessories: Saddle and helmet

Non-Scalper Price: $40 dollars

The Positives:

* Like most versions of Battle Cat all of the armor is removable so you can have a Cringer figure, too. Cringer looks pretty cool. The animated style is noticeable but I kind of like it. I'm not sure that he'd fit perfectly in with any previous MOTU lines but he looks wonderful in this series. The sculpt is quite good with fur all over his body and colorful orangish-yellow stripes.

* While some joints feel like they could have a somewhat more extensive range of motion overall I'm quite impressed with the articulation on Battle Cat/ Cringer. You have lots of options to add some nuance to your pose and tweak things so your display looks just right!

* I'm really liking the headsculpt for Cringer. Usually when you take the helmet off of a Battle Cat figure the likeness definitely doesn't seem like Cringer but here it does. The features look softer and friendlier (the package does refer to this as Cringer, something I can't recall any previus Battle Cat figure figure doing before). He's adorable! I love Cringer so much and this one just really seems to capture the character. 

* There's a hinged jaw here which when used with the helmet on for Battle Cat manages to make him look pretty menacing. When used with Cringer, though, is really makes it look like he's in the middle of talking. Complaining, whining, asking for more food. You know; all the standard Cringer stuff.

* There's some nice smaller details here, particularly the pads on and the claws on Cringer's paws. 

* To transform Cringer into Battle Cat all you have to do is place the saddle on his back (it attaches via two belts across his belly) and the helmet on his head. The saddle is pretty cool and has a few different colors on it to give it some pizazz. I like the exaggerated spike on the saddle as well. It's not overboard or as drastically different as the 200x Battle Cat's saddle was from the vintage toy but it does have a bit more of a modern look to it.

* Here's the helmet! The eyes are painted on which looks great. The helmet is a bit more severe and anime inspired than the vintage helmet but it still retains the details of the classic toy. I really like the angular look and the gold spikes. It adds a pop of color and modernizes thins just a bit while still realizing how perfect the original design still is.

* The MOTU: Revelation He-Man looks fantastic on Battle Cat! Battle Cat looks fantastic and brawny and he carries figures quite nicely on his back. These two just always look so amazing together, don't they?

The Negatives:

* Some of the stripes just don't look like they've been applied very neatly. I had the same problem with the Origins Battle Cat so I'm not sure if it's the color scheme or what but I really want neater, cleaner stripes.

* There are a few places where you can see some noticeable flashing on Battle cat's saddle. it's made from a softer, more rubbery plastic than any previous Battle Cat so that probably explains the flashing but it's just an eyesore.

   I'm really liking this Battle Cat. He may not be quite as classic looking and amazing as the MOTUC Battle Cat but I think he far surpasses every other non-vintage toy version that has been released (not counting the 1/4th scale Pop Cultue Shock statue). He's big, the colors are right, and the head under the helmet really does look like Cringer. He's a bit pricier but the size is noticeably larger than the standard figures and he's loaded with articulation. Battle Cat is a Great figure and he really has me excited to see what other creatures and mounts Mattel releases in Masterverse. Can a Panthor be far behind?

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  1. Thanks for reviewing these. Super excited for the new show. There’s a great interview with Kevin Smith in this month’s SFX magazine. MOTU Revelations is on the cover of this pop culture mag (with loads of Dr. Who coverage of course). Peace.

    1. I'm going to try to track that down! I might be near a Books a Million in the next week or so and I'll see if they have it. They usually carry lots of magazines of this sort there.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm a huge Battle Cat/ Cringer fan, so I can agree with this.

  3. I do want a designated Cringer figure but yes, giving him an actual Cringer headsculpt underneath is very welcome. I'm so glad that this show retained talking Cringer. He's one of my absolute favorite characters.


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