Friday, July 9, 2021

Minifigure Review: Man-At-Arms from Masters of the Universe: Micro Collection by Mattel


  I just reviewed the Masters of the Universe: Micro Collection He-Man on Tuesday so if you want the full story on these check out that review! Today I'm checking out Man-At-Arms from this budget friendly line that currently appears to be exclusive to Dollar Tree. While they're no substitute for traditional action figures I have always enjoyed minifigures, especially painted ones with minimal articulation. I spent hours playing with toylines like Guts!, Trash Bag Bunch, and the Mattel Mega Heroes Judge Dredd figures and these little guys kind of remind me of those lines. While there are many "mini" Masters of the Universe lines from Mattel, Super7, Mega Construx, and The Loyal Subjects, these have a very different aesthetic to them. Man-At-Arms is almost always one of the first figures to show up in a MOTU range and he's certainly making his appearance here. Let's check him out after the break....

The Facts:

Height: 2 1/16ths inches

Articulation: None

Accessories: None

Non-Scalper Price: $1
The Positives:

* Man-At-Arms is a simple painted plastic minifigure attached to a display stand with the Masters of the Universe logo on it. He's very durable and made from a sturdy plastic that isn't rubbery at all. He's standing upright in a pose that I'm sure I've seen on plenty of licensing art as well with his mace raised up at the ready and his legs in a bit of a battle crouch. 

* Like I said with He-Man, I'm really impressed with the paintwork and sculpt on these. For $1 these are really some incredible minifigures. Overall the aesthetic is very true to the vintage toy with the exception of the mustache painted on. The detail on Duncan is quite crisp and really just looks impressive. 

* Even the back of the figure is nicely detailed. I love that Mattel even sculpted the fasteners on the straps just like the vintage toy had.
The Negatives:

* There are some messy paint splotches on this figure and some places where the green plastic shows through the orange paint. It's still a budget item, after all. 

   For $1 Man-At-Arms is definitely worthy of a Great rating. These are fun minis and I'm curious as to how they'll be used. Miniatures for gaming? A fun, cheap template for creating cool repaints? There are lots of options for these little guys and I'm hopeful that we'll see this line continue. They seem to be well stocked and you can even order a full case of these minifigures from Dollar General's website if you need them in bulk or as party favors. Heck, give them out for Trick 'r Treat! That'd be a pretty awesome thing to do for sure.

   I've reviewed so many toys of Man-At-Arms/ Duncan that he has his own review archive. Check out the Man-At-Armory for an arsenal of Man-At-Arms reviews!

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