Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Action Figure Review: Blast-Attak #1017 from POP! Television: Masters of the Universe by Funko

   Funko had four Masters of the Universe SDCC exclusives this summer, all offered through online sales, and boy were they tough to get. Funko's 2020 SDCC online sale was a real crap show. I was there and logged in right when things began and I guarantee it took me nearly an hour to get through, most of which was spent "calculating shipping." It gave me flashbacks to the Matty Collector sale days trying to pick up figures that were offered outside of the subscription. I ended up missing out on the two MOTU POP! vinyls at Funko's sale but I managed to acquire Blast-Attak through Toy Tokyo's sale (better sales experience though things sold fast and I missed Clawful there, too). While I still cannot believe that Funko hasn't released Teela yet (one of the true A-list characters) after 7 years of the line's existence, I do like that Funko is going deeper into the characters from the vintage line. I've already talked about Blast-Attak's bizarre affiliations previously in my review of the MOTUC figure so I'll skip over his weird allegiances to both the Snake Men and the Evil warriors and simply jump right in to a look at another figure from the 1987 series of vintage MOTU figures. Let's check out Blast-Attak after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 3 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel head

Accessories: None

Non-Scalper Price: $22

 The Packaging:

* Blast-Attak comes in the same styled box that the newer MOTU POP! vinyls use which is decorated with the red and blue explosion background used on the vintage toy cards and the new Masters of the Universe Origins line. (The earlier released used the Grayskull stone print used by the Masters of the Universe Classics line). There is a variation on the packaging as some Blast-Attaks have the "Toy Tokyo San Diego 2020 Limited Edition" while others have the "Funko 2020 Summer Convention Limited Edition Exclusive." I have no idea which one is rarer at this point, though the Toy Tokyo ones have been pretty desirable in the past.
The Positives:

* To date this is only the third toy of Blast-Attak made! That makes him just a bit more exciting than most other POP! vinyls of characters we've seen a few different times. Blast-Attak has never had a redesign so what you see here is straight up based on the vintage toy. He's in a fairly neutral pose and has the swivel head that most other POP vinyls have.

* Blast-Attak has a really strange headsculpt but that's accurate to the character. He's a robot but there's something oddly organic about his face. I wonder if he's not intended to use some sort of bio-flesh or perhaps is even sort of a Frankenstein's monster inspired creature where his face might be composed of dead tissue. The helmet and weird teeth look great, though, and definitely add to Blast-Attak's off putting appearance.

* Blast-Attak has a really nice sculpt that shows off lots of little details like wires, dials, and such. The paintwork is neat and clean and the metallic golden color of his torso looks fantastic.

* The rear of the figure is also detailed with my favorite part being the slit where the vintage figure's detonator plugged in to blast Blast-Attak in two. Even though it isn't functional I still love seeing it here.

* I love when Funko sculpts the vintage weapons that the characters used and Blast-Attak is for sure toting around his massive red techno-ax that may also be a laser rifle of sorts. It looks fantastic, doesn't it?

The Negatives:

* Yeah, I know POP! vinyls don't have action features but I really, really want a Blast-Attak that can split apart again. Mattel didn't even attempt anything with the MOTUC Blast Attak and now Funko has skipped doing something interesting as well. Seriously, all he has to do is split into two pieces. Why is that so hard?


I really like Blast-Attak. As a convention exclusive he was about $10 bucks more expensive than a normal POP! (with little extra to show for it) but he's still well done. If he had actually been able to split down the middle he would have been so much better, though. Overall, he's a Good POP! vinyl. He's a somewhat obscure MOTU character so unless you know who he is it's probably his exclusivity that's making him a hot seller right now.

If you're a Blast-Attak fantatic I've also reviewed the Masters of the Universe Classics Blast Attak.

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