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Action Figure Review: Mutt & Junkyard from G.I. Joe: Classified Series by Hasbro


  Mutt and Junkyard are my first G.I. Joe: Classified Series reviews for 2024 figures! I do believe that some of the deluxe set of Mutt, the dog handler, and Junkyard, the dog, made it out at the end of 2023, but this guy didn't release from Hasbro Pulse or most other online stores until the first week of January, so I'm counting the set as a 2024 release. While there are still plenty to be made, Hasbro has been offering a nice assortment of figures with animal companions in the Classified Series. I loved the figures that came with animals as a kid and I'm always looking forward to any sets that come with a dog. We've had Snake Eyes and Timber and now we have Mutt and Junkyard. Oddly enough, Junkyard is the friendlier of the pair, as Mutt is known for being prone to snapping and having a pretty bad attitude. He's the one wearing the muzzle, after all. Mutt and Junkyard were first released as part of the 1984 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero series, and it's that vintage figure that these two are largely based on. Ready to check out this two-pack? Then join me after the break...

The Facts: Mutt

Height: 6 1/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge ankles, boot swivels, double hinged knees, swivel thighs, ball jointed drop down hips, ball jointed waist, butterfly pecs, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, double hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, ball jointed neck base, and a barbell jointed head.

Accessories: Pistol, holster, knife, rifle, magazine, baton, 2 pair of goggles, helmet, mask, wrist cuff, forearm pad, and eight swappable hands.

The Facts: Junkyard

Height: Around 3 inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge paws (x4), hinged hocks (x4), swivel/hinged knees/elbows (x4), balljointed hips (x4), balljointed mid-torso, balljointed chest, and a barbell jointed head.

Accessories: 2 portraits, collar, and vest.

Non-Scalper Price: $45

The Positives:

* Mutt's outfit looks very close to the vintage figure but with more detail and an actual separate vest. Mutt has always looked more like a U.S. Marshal or a Sheriff's Department K9 officer, even though he's part of a military unit. He does seem to have a badge on the left side of his vest, too, along with some various shells and pouches for gear. I do really like his green, brown, and red color scheme as it still looks suitably militaristic but it also stands out a bit. He's also pretty hairy with visible arm and chest hair. 

* Mutt's not known for his warm personality towards other humans nor for being a friendly face, so this scowling portrait is just perfect for him. He's baring his teeth just as much as Junkyard is (if not more). Stan just looks insanely intense and is sporting some wild looking eyes and lots of stubble and scratches on his face. 

* On his left forearm Mutt has an armored bite sleeve for training Junkyard. The sleeve is removable when you pop off the hand, so you can have him go without it if you want. It's just so darn cool, though; why take it off?

* On the back left of Mutt's belt is a canister of what could be some sort of dog corrector (emits a spray of compressed air) or mace/ pepper spray for when Mutt needs to nonlethally subdue a Cobra agent. It's not removable but it is a cool extra detail. 

* Mutt comes with a facemask, similar to how the vintage Mutt came with a muzzle. Yeah, the dog handler gets the muzzle and not the dog. Pretty funny stuff! Mutt's modern mask looks like it could also serve as a respirator or something if he's breaching into a room with harsh chemicals or inhalants. 

* Mutt also comes with some functioning goggles that fit over his eyes, giving him some added protection. 

* His helmet is really cool. It's a heavy duty ballistic helmet that looks like it's covered with some dirt and dust from being out in the field. 

* Like with Dusty and General Hawk, there is a second pair of goggles that fit on the helmet.  When you put the smaller pair of goggles on and turn them backwards, they help keep the helmet snugly in place. Whether you have Mutt's goggles on his face or turned around and hidden, the helmet stays on nicely. It also ensures you don't lose the extra goggles. 

* The articulation on the Classified Series figures is always excellent solid and Mutt follows that trend. He moves well, can take a great variety of poses, and interacts nicely with all of his weapons. His mid-torso articulation is limited because of his vest, but it's not a major issue. These are some very sturdy, durable figures that have some of the best articulation out there. 

* Mutt comes with eight swappable hands which can allow him to hold the included weapons and use hand signals for guiding Junkyard. There's a nice assortment including two pistol grips, a pointing right hand, a gesturing right hand, a right fits, a flat palmed left hand, a gesturing left hand, and a beckoning left hand. It's a really nice assortment and it definitely improves the poses you can put Mutt in. 

* Mutt doesn't have his Ingram MAC-11, but he does come with the same M16A2 as Grunt, though now with a green paint app. It's equipped with a scope and a hole in the barrel for a firing effect.

* The magazine is removable for reloading. 

* Mutt also has the same side-handle baton as Shockwave. It's designed like a tonfa as opposed to his original billy club styled weapon. It's a cool piece, though I wish Mutt has a loop on his belt to store it in. 

* Mutt also has the same pistol as Grunt. It's a rather basic .45 caliber pistol with excellent detail and a sharp looking green slide.

* The pistol fits securely into the removable holster on Mutt's right hip.

* Mutt also as the same knife as Grunt. I guess all of his stuff is pretty standard issue Joe equipment, huh?

* The knife fits into the sheathe on the right chest of Mutt's vest and stays in place securely. 

* Let's talk about Junkyard now, as he is the friendlier of the pair. Junkyard is a Rottweiler, so he's a pretty decent sized dog. Hasbro did a really nice job of sculpting him and making his articulation fit in with the sculpt, so he's quite a step up from the vintage animals that were just solid plastic figures. He's black with some brown on his belly, neck, and paws. 

* Junkyard has to go up against the forces of Cobra, so you know he can cause some trouble when needed. He comes with two swappable portraits, the first of which shows Junkyard ready to mess up some Vipers. He's a mean looking fellow, isn't he?

* Of course, Junkyard isn't always mean. When he's not fighting the ruthless forces of Cobra he's actually a pretty good boy. I love this friendly face he comes with. Look at his tongue just lolling out of his mouth! Yup, he's a good boy alright.

* Junkyard comes with some gear of his own! Pop off his head and you can add and remove a studded collar and a tactical harness. How cool! 

* There is some pretty good detail on Junkyard's vest. It's covered with armored plates, buckles, and a handle for Mutt to help lift him or hold him back when necessary. 

* Hasbro has done an excellent job of articulating the animals in the Classified Series. Honestly, I would be down for a line of just articulated dogs of different breeds. There's got to be a market for that, right? Junkyard is nicely poseable and can sit, attack, roll over, beg, and just fall flat on his side and take a nap. He's a sturdy pup and he's got the moves to do all the tricks you could want. 

   Mutt is a very good figure on his own with a fantastic uniform, a very intimidating headsculpt, and a nice assortment of headgear. While his weapons are reused from previous figures, they're still solid, fitting accessories. Junkyard is a great figure and a nice combat dog for those of us who admire the Paw Patrol toys but want something a bit more menacing. Giving him an extra head just makes him more fun, though, as does the fact that he has gear of his own. I've always loved the Joe figure paired with animal companions and Mutt and Junkyard are an Epic pair.

These are the first figures of Mutt & Junkyard I'v reviewed. For more G.I. Joe: Classified Series reviews check out the following:


  1. i don't collect Joes but I kinda want this just for the doggo. :)

  2. I wasn't too interested in this set but seeing how good junkyard looks I'm super tempted

    1. Junkyard definitely seems to be selling people on this set for sure.

  3. Was always one of my top five favorites from the time he was released. So happy Hasbro finally made this version.

    1. I'm sure we'll get a Slaughter's Maraudrs/ Mad Marauders at some point, though I don't know if we need a repaint of a deluxe set like this.

  4. I am primarily a 3.75" collector, as hard as it is to acquire figures nowadays, but with how good the Classified Series line generally is, it's really tempting.
    At the very least, I'd probably get Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, if only those two.


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