Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Collectible Review: He-Man (Plastic) from Geeki Tikis by Beeline Creative Inc.

   The weather might be cooling down just a bit but that doesn't mean there's not room for a cold drink, right? Today I'm checking out the plastic He-Man Tiki mug from Beeline Creative's Inc's Geeki Tikis which I found at Walmart back in July. Yeah, it's been a bit but better late than never, right? I reviewed the ceramic Masters of the Universe Geeki Tikis earlier this year and I loved them! This He-Man mug is very similar to the ceramic version though the sculpt is sharper, the color looks more like natural wood, and it's plastic so you won't break it. They have both He-Man and Skeletor in this more affordable range and today I'm checking out He-Man. Ready for this review? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:
Height: 7 1/4 inches

Capacity: 20 fl oz.

Material: Plastic
Accessories: Straw and lid.

Non-Scalper Price: $13 dollars

* The plastic He-Man Tiki mug is on the left while the ceramic version of He-Man is on the right. The ceramic mug has a softer sculpt and the color is more yellow while the plastic version looks more like treated wood. There isn't a paint application on the plastic version (which I find preferable) and he also has a detachable lid and a straw.

The Positives:
* I love this stylized Tiki mug rendition of He-Man! The mug is plastic and it's BPA free and dishwasher safe. The sculpt is really sharp on this and the color is really nice. It's such a bizarre but cool MOTU collectible and the fact that you could really use it for a frosty drink is a plus. Imagine sipping an Arnold Palmer out of this guy in style?

* The Power Sword is in He-Man's right hand and it looks incredible. Very stylized and fitting with the Tiki inspired design.
* Up close you can better see the wooden carving-like details on He-Man's cheeks and brow, plus the details you'll see in other places, too. The plastic mug has much sharper detail than the ceramic version and the detail looks more like an actual wood carving. .
* Flip He-Man around and you can see the back of the "wood" carving as well as the sheathe for his Power Sword.
* Want to drink your unsweet tea while you're riding Battle Cat? Then use the included lid and straw! The straw has a lip around it so it won't come out of the lid and the lid is easily removable for filling your cup and for cleaning.

  It might sound crazy but I actually like the look of the plastic Geeki Tikis He-Man better than I like the ceramic version. The color is nicer, the lack of the paint applications makes it look more sophisticated, and the fact that it's more practical than the ceramic mug is appreciated. I found mine at Walmart for around $12-$13 bucks which seems reasonable for a specialty licensed item like this. The inclusion of the lid and straw is pretty cool, too. Beeline Creative Inc, like so many other companies currently, really must see a lot of value in the Masters of the Universe license. That's awesome as for years it's been tough to find He-Man stuff. Now it's everywhere! This is a cool item, though, and definitely a pretty unique addition to the collection.

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  1. looks like he got a brain freeze lol !:)

    1. How cool would it be if they used thermochromatic plastic so that he turned blue when he was cold? He'd be like Faker!

  2. I didn't realize how big these were until I saw them at the store. Awesome!

    1. Yeah, they're quite nicely sized. They have a lot of shelf presence. I'm not sure folks usually look for shelf presence in a cup but I do.


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