Sunday, September 6, 2020

Minifigure Review: Horde Zombie He-Man from Masters of the Universe Eternia Minis by Mattel

   If I'm correct, the first toy of Horde Zombie He-Man/ Slime Pit He-Man was released by The Loyal Subjects as a Club 28 exclusive for Target's cases of the Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls in 2017.  When Mattel was actively putting out Masters of the Universe Classics figures Slime Pit He-Man popped up often as a variant suggested by fans (he finally made it in the line last year as a Power-Con exclusive) and companies like Super7 and Funko have also used him as an easy variant. While everyone else calls him Slime Pit He-Man, Mattel calls him Horde Zombie He-Man, but it's clearly the same variant. Horde Zombie He-Man is the "chase" figure for the first series of Masters of the Universe Eternia Minis and from what I've heard only one comes in each case. Let's check out this variant of the He-Man mini after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 2 1/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel waist, swivel shoulders, and a ball jointed head.

Accessories: Ax and 2 piece Castle Grayskull container

Non-Scalper Price: $5 dollars

ID Number: H


 * Horde Zombie He-Man is on the left while the standard He-Man from this same series is on the right. They're exactly the same sculpt with Horde Zombie He-Man now molded in translucent green plastic and armed with an ax rather than the Power Sword.

 The Positives:

* Everything I like about the He-Man design from this series is present here except now he's molded in a wonderful translucent green. I love the look of this minifigure! The paintwork is simple with He-Man's traditional red details painted and dark green paint for his cuffs, boots, harness, and trunks.

* The headsculpt is the same as the standard He-Man except now he's got those devious red eyes. That grin looks a lot more menacing now, too.

  * Most of these little guys have four points of articulation which may not seem like a lot except you gotta consider they're only a little over 2 inches tall. That's not bad for that scale! They're very durable little figures and would probably fit in well with lines like Imaginext and the Hasbro Heroes figures, so if you have a little one who's into MOTU these could be some decent starter toys. They're fun to play with and have a lot of shelf presence!

 * Horde Zombie He-Man includes the battle ax molded in green plastic. It's a simple, flat color but it looks cool in Horde Zombie He-Man's hand.

 * The Eternia Minis come blind packaged but it's actually not a bad thing at all. First, there is a very prominent code on the bottom of the package identifying the figure inside (He-Man is "H"), so you don't have to buy these without knowing what you're getting. Second, the packaging is a very cool plastic Castle Grayskull. It actually separates in half and you can connect them with other Grayskulls to make a long chain of castle faces. It's a cool sculpt and some of the best blind packaging I've ever seen.

* Furthermore, the Castle Grayskull container functions as a really cool display stand. There are two pegs on top that plug into the figure's feet. When you connect a row of these together you can have a long display stand for multiple figures.

   Horde Zombie He-Man is another Epic little minifigure in Masters of the Universe Eternia Minis. Translucent minifigures are always fun and this is a really good one. These are well sculpted, well articulated, and the little plastic Castle Grayskull is really a pretty cool piece. It seems like Mattel is going to change the packaging with each series (series 2 figures come in a purple Snake Mountain case) so you're going to get a nice variety of Eternian points of interest. This guy comes one per case so keep your eyes peeled. He's well worth tracking down!

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Are you in the market for a Castle Grayskull of your own? I've also checked out the M.U.S.C.L.E. green Castle Grayskull, the Masters of the Universe Minis Castle Grayskull, the series 1 Eternia Minis Buzz-Off and He-Man, who each come packaged in a mini plastic Castle Grayskull, the Mega Construx Castle Grayskull, the Colorforms Deluxe Play Set, and the Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull.

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  1. Any translucent green toy rocks! Nice find.

    1. Translucent green stuff definitely is always appealing, isn't it? The color just looks fantastic!

  2. I bought a random one and got Jitsu; but I wanted the Greyskull for the World's Smallest MOTU figures! With the Hot Wheels Wind Raider, it's a nice mini-mini set!

    1. That's a great idea. Have you seen the mini custom castles Joe Amato has made with this and the Snake Mountain case? They're incredible! I haven't found any of the World's Smallest MOTU stuff yet. I've got a set of 4 on preorder from BBTS, so I'll pick those up whenever they come in.


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