Saturday, January 16, 2016

Barbecue's Bonfire: 1/16/16

Hey everyone!

Hope your week is going well! It's been a busy but fun week for me (for the most part anyways) so this one might be a bit briefer than usual. Here's a couple points of interest on Star Wars Rebels, Fall of Grayskull, the best toylines of 2015, Batgirl valentines, Black Canary, and Star Wars books, all after the break...

*I've started watching through Star Wars Rebels again, although this time my little one is watching through it with me. She's loving it and I have to say that I think I'm enjoying it even more the second time around. On Tuesday my wife was at a training for work so me and the little one had a pizza party and watched some Rebels. Good stuff! I need to check out Season 2 as I haven't done that yet. Once we finish Season 1 again we'll probably jump on that. That kid is all about Zeb and Chopper!

*My wife and I watched Fall of Grayskull last night, the new Masters of the Universe fan film that was directed by Daniel Benedict (the guy who created Castle Grayskullman for the Create a Character contest a few years back). I had jumped in on the Kickstarter campaign a year or so ago and thus have a copy on Blu-Ray which I just received in the mail this week. If you missed out you can watch it free on Youtube now. About the movie: It's pretty cool! It's definitely a fan film but the costumes and character designs, special effects, and general atmosphere are incredible. The stand out characters for me were Shadow Weaver (Louisa Torres), Tri-Klops (Johnny Bilson), and Skeletor (Kevin Clark). Shadow Weaver is incredibly creepy and well done! Oh, and make sure to stick around after the credits!

* Did you read my picks for My Top 10 Favorite Action Figure Lines of 2015? If not check it out and let me know what yours are!

*By the way,  the People's Picks Poppies ballot is open over at MWC I love Michael Crawford's Poppies and always anticipate to see the various results during this time of the year. If you haven't voted, head on over and do so!

*By the way, is anyone interested in creating a yearly "Best Of" for just Batgirl collectibles? I was thinking that something like that might be kind of fun and unique. Maybe call it the Babseys or the BGs or something? Is anyone interested in helping be a judge? If you are let me know. I think this could be fun.

*BTW- I bought these DC Comics Girls valentines last night at Wal-Mart for less than $3 bucks.  I imagine some of you would be really into these. I think they're kind of cool. Cal, these seem right up your alley, too!

*Over the past week I finished Rebel in the Ranks, book 2 in Jason Fry's Servants of the Empire series that ties in with Rebels. Focusing on Zare Leonis' first year at the Imperial Academy on Lothal, this one intersects with the season one episode "Breaking Ranks." It's much better than the first book in the series as there is no detailed chapters devoted to Grav-ball. I ended up ordering the next two books right away after finishing this one in a couple of hours (it's a very short read).

   I also finished the second volume of Marvel's Darth Vader. Pretty good stuff. It's very interesting to see more characterization of Vader during the period shortly after A New Hope. Doctor Aphra is a really cool character and it's kind if surreal to watch someone as lighthearted and sharp-tongued interact with Vader.

*What do you think about this exclusive Black Canary Bishoujo figure from Kotobukiya? She's an exclusive to Kotobukiya's own US store. She's just a repaint but she does look pretty cool with the blue leggings and the blue jacket. I like her but since I already own the basic version (I reviewed her this past week) I think I'm going to pass. I think my rule for the DC Bishoujo figures is that I'm going to avoid simple repaints due to space and cost. This is a cool figure, though.

That's it for this week! See you all in 7!

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