Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Action Figure Review: Black Manta from DC Primal Age by Funko

    It's time for a look at a another figure from the second series of Funko's DC Primal Age figures and today I'm checking out one of Aquaman's arch foes: Black Manta.  While most of the figures in this series have stayed within the realms of traditional barbarian fantasy, Black Manta brings some technology into the Primal Age roster.  Black Manta is a very cool character and I think that Funko's design for the figure is one of the best for the character I've ever seen. I love the old school diving outfit on this guy! Let's check out Black Manta after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 5 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Balljointed hips, swivel waist, swivel shoulders, and a swivel head.

Accessories: Two daggers

Non-Scalper Price: $12-$13 dollars
 The Positives:

* I love the steampunk style of Black Manta's design! He looks incredibly slick and has one of the coolest designs in the entire line. He works as both a cool Primal Age figure and as just a great Black Manta toy. If Gotham by Gaslight had featured Black Manta, this would have been a great look for him.

* The helmet is just too darn cool. It's perfect with large red lenses (and some ports on top, too) and lots of gold riveting all around it. I just love how darn cool this guy is!

*  The Primal Age figures are definitely built in such a way as to look similar to a Masters of the Universe figure or any other similar barbarian fantasy figure from the 1980s, although the hip joints are more traditional ball joints rather than the rubber banded legs of the vintage MOTU figures. Like the Target re-releases of series 1, these feel very sturdy and well made.

* Black Manta is toting three tanks on his back. They're not removable but they're excellently sculpted and the match the design of his helmet very well. There are lots of little valves and such all over them.

* Black Manta is actually covered with barnacles, which is just a really cool detail. How much time does this guy spend underwater, anyways. Also, he has some really cool wrist fins that have lots of detail on them. I bet these things are pretty wicked in close combat.

* Black Manta only comes with two knives (the figures of series 2 of DC Primal Age come with far fewer accessories than series 1). They're really cool knives, however, and they fit in his hands quite well. They have an interesting segmented design that makes them loo extra wicked!

  So far Series 2 is really impressing me. Funko seems to really be nailing the quality control this time around, the paintwork is slick, and Black Manta's design is possibly my favorite in the entire line. I do wish he came with another weapon (a speargun would have been really cool) but what's here is well worth checking out. Black Manta is a Great and a 1/2 figure and another solid entry in the DC Primal Age line. Who doesn't love a mixture between DC Comics and swords and sorcery, right?

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  1. I love Black Manta's costume. So perfect it never needs to be changed or updated.

    1. He does have a great costume that always looks good with only minor tweaks needed simply for freshness. This steampunk inspired diving suit is pretty great, though. It's still classic bit it just had that great barbarian fantasy/ slightly sci-fi edge.

  2. Definitely one of the coolest characters and suit designs. This incarnation is fantastic. Looking forward to snagging him.

    1. I actually saw a few of these in a Target yesterday. They only had Lex Luthor, Bizarro, and Superman left. Nice to see them actually on store shelves!


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