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Action Figure Review: Stuart "Outback" Selkirk from G.I. Joe: Classified Series by Hasbro


   I've been really slowly making my way through the most recent series of G.I. Joe: Classified Series figures. Maybe I've been slower because this series is just a real mixed bag? There has also been a lot of stuff coming out lately, so that's slowed me down too. Anyways, this series really has been a mixed bag. 3 out of 5 figures were repaints, the three figures with visible faces had some weird paint and sculpting issues, and this was the first series with the plastic free packaging (which is being done away with now, good riddance). Outback is one of those repaints and his portrait, while not bad, definitely isn't as impressive as the Tiger Force version of Stuart "Outback" Selkirk that came out last year as a Target exclusive. I had Outback as a kid and while I always liked the SURVIVAL logo on his shirt, he was never one of my favorites, but after reading the Marvel comics years later I really came to love his personality and how conflicted he was when he escaped from Borovia, having to leave behind his comrades. Tiger Force Outback was one of my favorite figures of last year overall, so how will this version of Outback fare? Let's find out after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 3/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge ankles, boot swivels, double hinged knees, swivel thighs, balljointed drop down hips, balljointed waist, mid-torso hinge, butterfly pecs, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, double hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, balljointed neck base, and a barbell jointed head.

Accessories: Rifle, magazine, pistol, holster, knife, entrenching tool, backpack, flashlight, flashlight sheathe.

Non-Scalper Price: $25 dollars


* This new, standard release of Stuart "Outback" Selkirk is on the left while the Tiger Force Stuart "Outback" Selkirk is on the right. What's the difference? Really just the paint. The accessories are the same too, though colored differently. The skin tones are even different with this version of Outback having his classic red hair and fairer skin that looks to be a bit sunburned. 

The Positives:

* I don't like him as much as the Tiger Force variant, but this basic version of Outback is still quite a good figure. He's not redesigned much, so he's more of an update of the vintage figure, but I still dig him. He has a good, basic military insired color scheme here; basic white t-shirt, green camo pants, and that tan web gear. Outback's web gear is a separate piece, athough it's not removable unless you somehow disassemble the figure. It's really detailed with lots of the little tabs and straps you'd find on the actual thing. There are even a few nice paint apps on the belt. 

* Guess what else Outback has got? Hairy arms. That's pretty manly, right? The hair is red this time around, so he might remind you of Esau. He needs that hair, though, considering his tendency to wear a t-shirt in situations where it's really not appropriate. 

* There aren't any surprises here articulation wise, as he's the same as last year's figure. The articulation in the Classified Series is consistently excellent with sturdy construction and joints with a great range of motion. With all of the accessories this guy comes with you'll have lots of fun posing him utilizing his arsenal and gear in a variety of ways.

*  Outback's primary weapon look to be a carbine of some kind, maybe based on an M4A1 or something similar? There's no stock but there is a vertical forward grip, a scope, and a sling for toting the rifle around. The sling gets a tan paint application as well, so it stands out nicely from the rifle, which is now black instead of grey. It's a nice modernization of the vintage Outback's rifle.

* Outback's rifle still has the removable magazine. It actually fits a bit tighter than the Tiger Force version and it provides a nice play/ posing feature for the gun.

*  Outback comes with a shovel/ entrenching tool that actually looks like one of those survival multi-tools. It's probably capable of all kinds of tasks, including use as a self-defense tool if the need arises. It's also molded in black now rather than the dark grey of the Tiger Force version.

* Outback has always carried a huge backpack filled with gear and that's what he gets here. It's big, bulky, covered in pouches and pockets, and it has a really long peg to keep it securely on the figures back. It's also much more of a tan color than the brown of the Tiger Force version.

* There are two pegs on the sides which allow you to hang the entrenching tool and the rifle from them. The peg fits through the hole on the shovel and through the trigger guard on the rifle.

* I still love Outback's pistol, though I'm still not exactly sure what type of pistol it is. It looks like it's maybe been customized, perhaps based on an older model? The barrel is unique and very round with a flashlight mounted on the bottom. There's also a strip of cloth around the handle. It's a fantastic looking accessory and fits perfectly with the character. The barrel is also hollow, so you can place firing effects in it.

* Update: A reader pointed out to me that the handle is actually thinner on this version of the pistol than on the Tiger Force version, so it stretches the hand less.*

* There's still a removable holster on Outback's right hip that keeps his pistol close at hand and safe during long treks through the jungle.

* Outback just has to have a knife with him too, right? It's now molded in black with a silver blade.  Simple. Basic. Just a sharp piece of metal for use out in the jungle.

* The knife can be easily stored on this sheathe wrapped around Outback's left boot. It's not removable (it's very tight) but it is a separate piece.

* Last up is this really cool flashlight. It's a standard military flashlight with the lens positioned at a right angle. A splash of red paint on the lens would have been awesome but I love this little accessory. I lost the flashlight from my vintage Outback as a child (it was probably eaten by some 1980s carpet) so I'm keeping a careful eye on this one. This one is also molded in black rather than the grey of the Tiger Force accessory.

* Rather than just plugging into a hole on Outback's leg, the Classified Series has a sheathe for the flashlight to slide into. It's a removable piece that holds it firmly in place thanks to two straps.

* Prior to this series, I've I really thought that Hasbro's best headsculpts have bee coming from the Classified Series. The Tiger Force Outback had one of the best portraits out there and it's still really good here. This time Outback is sporting his classic red hair and it looks really good. It's definitely a brighter look than the previous figure and you could almost see these as two completely different people. So, let me say that this is an excellent headsculpt. But...
The Negatives:

* It's just not as good as the Tiger Force Outback, and I think it has to do with the eye printing. They look a little too large. They're really pretty good, but there's definitely something a bit off. It doesn't really hurt the figure, but without the colorful beard I think Outback's lips and eyes would have stood out more and looked more off. 

* Outback's elbows just don't match the color of the rest of his skin. That's a bit annoying. 


  This standard version of Outback is a good figure. A really good figure, actually, and definitely worthy of a Great and a 1/2 rating. The portrait really does look good but there's still something to be said due to their being something off about the paint and facial printing. That's the case with Cover Girl and Falcon, too, and it's weird why all of those issues hit with this series, especially with this being the first set with the new higher price point. New factory, maybe? Otherwise, I still love this guy. I actually like the Tiger Force color scheme better, but this guy still has an amazing kit of accessories and places to store them. 


  1. One of the accessories is slightly different mold-wise: the handgun was redesigned with a smaller handle. The previously-released Tiger Force version's handgun had a larger grip which would stretch out the hands.

    1. Nice catch! I'm going to add that in. Thanks!

  2. I'm wondering if they made the face a little rosier due to the age difference between figures. I too prefer the Tiger Force head sculpt.

    1. Yeah, that or to show sunburn. The Tiger Force headsculpt is one of the best portraits in the line, though. It's up there with some of the greats like Major Bludd, Firefly, and Zartan.

  3. Just got mine! Unfortunately mine has pretty badly printed eyes, so I'll probably be trying my hand at repainting him. Other than that he's pretty cool, the accessories are great and the articulation works very good too.

    1. Yes, absolutely. Sorry to hear about the wonky eyes on your figure. I definitely am curious what happened with this series in regard to the facial printing.

  4. The elbows and the knees are annoying to look at. Different color than the rest of the figure.

    1. Yeah, I don't know why Hasbro does that. I presume they sometimes use a different material for the joints?


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