Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June 2021 is Jeopardizing June at Action Figure Barbecue!


   For June 2021's themed Masters of the Universe series of reviews I'm trying something a bit different: The theme is somewhat of a mystery and you have to guess what the subjects of the reviews have in common. Your clues: The title of the month, the picture above, and each of the reviews listed throughout the month. 

Send your guess to barbecue17 (at) actionfigurebarbecue.com and let me know what you think the theme is. If more than one person gets it right I'll draw a name randomly from all correct answers and send out a prize pack in early July. Unfortunately I can only ship to US residents only! Sorry! Also, one guess per person so you might want to wait for a review or two to get posted before you make your guess.

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