Monday, February 28, 2022

Toy Review: Power Sword from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Mattel


   There have been quite a few new figures showing up in stores lately from Mattel's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe line based on the new Netflix CG animated series and I'm hoping to check out quite a few of them this week since the second season shows up this week. Today I'm checking out the Power Sword role play toy, a rather cool electronic Power Sword that ought to make you think back to past versions of these you might have had as a kid. I still have a picture of myself from September of 1987 with the classic yellow plastic Power Sword and a black pot lid, so Power Swords have long been a part of my life.  Let's check this one out after the break...

The Facts:

Dimensions: 20 inches long

Non-Scalper Price: $25 dollars

The Positives:

* Here's a quick look at the sword. Other than the 200x Power Sword, most of the Power Swords released by Mattel have had yellow blades, presumably to either show off the sword in a powered up form and to make them look more unique. Probably to help the light up features, too. This is a different looking Power Sword but I like the thick blade and the more elaborate hilt.


* The hilt is very solid with a nice amount of detail on the handle and pommel. the hilt looks great with some silver highlights around the skull and then larger, jagged quillons jutting out.


* The skull is the Grayskull logo in the show and it matches the skull at the base of the Havoc Staff. It looks really cool and helps the sword to feel more unique and less generic.

* When you press the button on the side the sword lights up and you can hear some different noises and sound effects. Every time you push it you'll hear "By the Power of Grayskull I have the power!" first, followed three different sound effects and then another voice clip. The other phrases are "Lightning strike," "Masters together," and "We have the Power!" It's nice and lough and the flickering light is pretty cool. It doesn't stay on, just flashes while the sound effects play.


 * The blade is certainly softer and made of hollow plastic but it doesn't feel flimsy. Unless you're really smacking this against stuff I wouldn't expect it to break with regular play.

   This is a pretty cool toy. It's definitely not at all a prop replica nor an item that most cosplayers could use as a basis for a prop, but it is kind of fun. If you've got a kid that loves He-Man or you yourself don't mind swinging around a plastic sword and yelling "I have the power!" then you might like it. I do wish the sword had the option to stay lit or perhaps even the option to open the blade for a lightning strike, like in the show. Still, it's fun. Could you find a similar quality generic toy sword for less money? Probably. Will it shout lines from the newest He-Man show? definitely not. This one gets a Great from me.


 If you're looking for just the Power Sword I did review the 1989 Power Sword from the He-Man/ New Adventures line and the standard factory Entertainment scaled Power Sword and Power Sword (Chromatic Variant). Of course, most He-Man figures in my Fabulous Secret Powers archive also have Power Sword accessories included with them, too. 

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  1. It reminds me a lot of something you'd see in a Final Fantasy game. In fact, He-Man and the MOTU on Netflix reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy IX, my favorite Final Fantasy.

  2. Yes, Final Fantasy IX went back to a more traditional fantasy style than VII or VIII. So, anyways, yes, IX has a black mage named Vivi who *spoilers for 22 year old game* learns he is a manufactured being. Kind of like Orko- Ork-0 in the new MOTU cartoon. It's wild!

    I haven'tplayed any Final Fantasy games since X-2 other than the DS remake of Final Fantasy 5, I think. My daughter and I played through IX on the Switch a few years ago and she loved it.


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