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Wrapping Up 2019: Early Bird Collector's Package Series 2 from Mythos by HH Toys

    It was exactly one year ago today that I reviewed the Early Bird Package of Series 1 of HH Toys' Mythos in My Pocket figures. My wife got them for me for Christmas and they ended up being one of my favorite releases of 2018. While the name has changed for Series 2 (they're just Mythos now), the figures are as great as ever. I picked up the Series 2 Early Bird Collector's Package on my own this year and I'm happy to say it's another stellar set of minifigures. While the Early Bird Package is long gone, you can still pick up the standard packs of figures. Let's take a look at the latest series of terrifying monstrosities...

 The Facts:

Includes: 2 packs of three minifigures, glow in the dark minfigure, and exclusive Dagon and Cthulhu Idol minifigures.

Height: Just a hair shy of 2 inches tall each

Non-Scalper Price: $50 dollars

Designed by Sam Heimer, Sculpted by Igor Didenko, Produced by Trashbury, Dagon Idol by Cryptocurum

 Elder Thing

* Series 1 gave us one of the Star Spawn while series two gives us an Elder Thing. The Elder Things (also known as the Old Ones) are described quite vividly in At the Mountains of Madness and have a mixture of animal and vegetable like characteristics. This figure captures that nicely, creating an extremely inhuman like monstrosity in minifigure form.

* The Gug's appear in The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and they're supposed to be large, hairy, monstrous beasts with two paws on each limb, large talons, and a mouth that opens vertically. This guy really captures Lovecraft's description nicely and makes for a rather interesting looking minifigure. He kind of reminds me of Liceplant from Trash Bag Bunch, due to the vertical mouth.

* Series 2 brings us the first minifigure of Cthulhu itself in the line and he doesn't disappoint. He's got the squid like maw we're all so familiar with. Cthulhu's body looks rather unique, very rubbery and scaly. It's a bit different than most depictions of Cthulhu I'm used to seeing but I like it. It's very weird and alien, which I suppose is perfectly suiting for one of the Great Old Ones.
 Pickman's Model

* Pickman's Model is one of my favorite Lovecraft stories and it's interesting to see one of the creatures depicted here. It looks similar to a drawing by Lovecraft himself although it has definitely been given some extra detail, including a chain wrapped around its body. They headsculpt is really freaky with some of the best teeth I've ever seen on a minifigure.  
 Dunwich Horror

* The Dunwich Horror is one of the most off-putting figures in the set, and that's a great thing. The son of Lavinia Whately and Yog-Sothoth, Yog Whately is supposed to be nigh indescribable. While typically invisible to the eye, if scene it is a massive, jelly-like being held together with strings that has a humanish face. This guy is pretty horrible for sure.

* The Ghast is another creature from The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. They apparently hop around like kangaroos , which might explain the strange design of this figure. It appears that the Ghast is sitting on its tale, maybe intended to be in mid leap? The face itself is really creepy, almost looking like a creature who is melting or attempting to look human but just not quite making it.

 *  I still love the little logo mark on the back of each figure! It's a great nod to M.U.S.C.L.E.
 Dagon Idol

* The Early Bird Collector's Package includes a Dagon Idol. This seems more like a 3D printed item and it feels quite different than the other figures. I like the rough-hewn appearance better for this since it's an idol o sorts. This goes great with any number of toylines.
 Cthulhu Idol

* I was surprised to find a Cthulhu idol in this set as well. The same idol came in the series 1 Early Bird Package, though mine was cast in red plastic there. This one is in a bluish-green. All of the writing on the base of the statue looks fantastic and is incredibly sharp!
 Pickman's Model (GITD)

* The last extra for the set is a glow-in-the-dark figure. I got Pickman's Model! I'm not sure if everyone got the same figure or a different one, but it's a cool extra with a nice strong glow to it.
   I haven't bought as many minifigures this year as I have in some years past but I do believe that series 2 of Mythos is again the strongest minfigure line of the year. These are some very sharp minifigures that have amazing sculpts and quite faithful depictions of the creatures of H.P. Lovecraft. It seems like the price for this set was actually reduced from the price of the previous set, too, which makes this an even better deal. This is another Epic set and is surely to be on my list of the best of 2019, which will be coming in February!

If you dig Cthulhu, I've also reviewed the Conjured Cthulhu and Spawn of Cthulhu from Legends of Cthulhu, the red Cthulhu Idol from Mythos/ Mythos in My Pocket, and the Funko POP! Cthulhu: Master of R'lyeh.

For more of Dagon, check out my reviews of Dagon and the Glow in the Dark Dagon from series 1 of Mythos/ Mythos in My Pocket. 

These are the first figures of the Elder Thing, Gug, Pickman's Model, the Dunwich Horror, and the Ghast that I've reviewed. For more from Mythos/ Mythos in My Pocket, check out the following:
Early-Bird Collector's Package


  1. These look creepy and so much fun.

    1. They are! They really are some of the best minifigures out there right now. There was actually a drop last week for an Edgar Allan Poe themed miniset which I've got coming. I'm loving this line!

  2. Cool ! so few Cthulhu Mythos toys.... these are very nice !!

  3. They are. And you're right, there really aren't many Lovecraft toys outside of the occasional figure of Cthulhu himself. I really wish the Legends of Cthulhu line would have continued.


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