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Action Figure Review: Colonial Marines 'Vs' Aliens (Gold) from Alien Collection by Lanard Toys

    I just reviewed the Alien Queen from Lanard Toys' Alien Collection on Monday and now I;m checking out the first one of the sets including a standard Xenomorph. Most of these sets don't have actual names, which is kind of frustrating to me. Still, I can't help but like this line. I really only picked these up so I can mix in some of the pieces with my beloved Kenner Aliens and Predator collection, but they definitely have a charm of their own that I appreciate. These are very inexpensive, which I think is one of the first things you'll notice about these. This set with a 1/18th scale Xenomorph, a human figure, and an egg with a Facehugger is less than $10 bucks. Yeah, I know. That's crazy. There's obviously a lot of reuse between the sets and the humans are reused from previous Lanard lines like The Corps, so that probably helps keep the costs down. Anyways, let's check this set out and see what you get for $10 bucks, after the break...

 The Facts: Xenomorph Drone

Height: 5 inches

Articulation: Balljointed ankles, hinged knees, balljointed hips, swivel tail, balljointed mid-torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, balljointed wrists, and a swivel neck.

Accessories: Egg and Facehugger.

 The Facts: Research Scientist

Height: 3 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Hinged knees, swivel hips, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, hinged elbows, and a balljointed neck.

Accessories: Flamethrower and helmet.

Non-Scalper Price: $10 dollars

* For all of you who want to see how these merge with the Kenner figures, here's a shot of the Lanard Xenomorph Drone (center) with the Kenner Warrior Alien (left) and the Scorpion Alien (right). Size wise, I think he works OK. Yeah, he's bright gold, but some of the later Aliens: Hive Wars stuff was, too.

* Here's a shot of the Research Scientist (Left) with Ripley from the Kenner line (right). This guy definitely doesn't fit in scale-wise with the Kenner human figures, so I don't think he'll be going on the shelf.
 The Positives:

* Maybe the best part of this set is the egg. It's awesome and looks quite detailed. This definitely will fit the Kenner Aliens line quite well. It's hollow inside, too, so you can actually put Facehuggers inside of it.

 * And this set actually comes with a Facehugger! This yellow Facehugger definitely looks a lot like the Kenner Facehuggers and can either stand up on it's tail, pop out of the egg, or lay prone as if it's crawling around.

 * Here's the Research Scientist. This is definitely a figure that Lanard Toys has released previously though I can't quite identify it. Still, it does work as a generic Research scientist in the Aliens Universe. The bright orange and cream colored suit certainly make this look like someone called in to do cleanup or investigate the presence of a Xenomorph specimen.

* The Research Scientist has a removable helmet that fits on quite snugly and really completes the look of someone in a futuristic HAZMAT suit.

* While he's not as articulated as a 1980s G.I. Joe, the Research Scientist is definitely more articulated than some other 1/18th scale action figures. He has swivel hips, which is limiting, but everything else is pretty mobile with a decent range of movement.

 * I really like some of the sculpted details as they absolutely remind me of the Real American Hero G.I. Joe figures. What's this device on the Research Scientist's leg? Some sort of scanning or tracking device? It definitely adds something cool to the sculpt of the figure despite and feels like it belongs in the Aliens universe.

* The figure has some oddly placed pegs on his left leg which can hold the flamethrower. Pretty cool, right?

* The Flamethrower is a nifty weapon with a really nice sculpt. I think some of these weapons might be new sculpts. This accessory is very crisp and clean and fits the figure quite well.

* Let's get on to the Xenomorph, who is the real star of the show. This is an incredible sculpt and while I'd love to see it one day cast in black and dark blue plastic, for now it even looks awesome in gold. It definitely fits in with the Kenner stuff well, particularly some of the later variants with unusual colors. The sculpt is excellent and really shows off the quality of work that Lanard is capable of.

 * That's a fantastic Xenomorph headsculpt. Doesn't this guy look fierce? The mouth is sculpted open (it doesn't move or close) and the proportions seem spot on.

* The Xenomorph is very well articulated and ends up being a really fun figure to mess around with. He's quite dynamic, really.
 The Negatives:

* When you get up close you do realize that some of the figures look better than others. The Research Scientist isn't terrible, but you can definitely tell that this is a "bargain" figure.

* Why is the figure's hand posed at such a weird angle. Maybe he's from a set where he drove a vehicle, but that's not the case here. It just looks awkward in person.

 * Sadly, the human figures in the Lanard line don't work well with the Kenner figures. Also sadly, the scale is inconsistent even among the human figures in the Alien Collection.

 * They go back on, but be careful of the Xenomorph Drone's hips. They tend to pop off quite easily if you're trying to move his legs too much.

   For $10 dollars, Lanard really is offering up a lot in this set. If you're buying this set for a kid, it's a pretty cool set with a lot of play value. If you're buying it to complement your Kenner Alien Collection, the Xenomorph, Facehugger, and the egg will go great. Even with just those three items, there is definitely $10 worth of value here. This is a Great set that is just plain fun. I really am curious to see if Lanard Toys has success with these and continues with the license in the future. They could definitely have a good run for sure.

For more Xenomorphs, check out my reviews of the M.U.S.C.L.E. Xenomorph from Alien Pack A, the Attack Alien from Pack C, the Xenomorph Warrior from Aliens Pack A, the Alien Warrior (with open mouth) from Pack B, and the Alien Warrior (Crouching) from Pack C, the ReAction Alien (with Metallic Flesh), NECA's Xenomorph Warrior, the standard Xenomorph from Kenner's Alien versus Predator 2 pack as well as the Bull Alien, Gorilla Alien, and Scorpion Alien, the Loyal Subjects' Xenomorph (Black Battle Damaged) and Xenomorph (Ice Blue Metallic), and the Micro Machines Alien Transforming Playset which is loaded with Xenomorphs.

For more Facehuggers, check out the Facehuggers included with the Bull Alien, Gorilla Alien, and Scorpion Alien in the Kenner line.

This is the first Research Scientist I've reviewed. For more Alien Collection figures, check out the following:
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  1. These are a lot of fun. I managed to pick up the Queen, Power Loader and APC but haven't seen the other sets yet.

    1. They are cool. As I'm reviewing them I'm weaving the parts I like into the Kenner collection. I definitely have a spot for the giant Queen, the Gold Alien, and the egg and facehugger so far. The flamethrower here fits decently with the Kenne stuff, though the research scientist is probably getting stored away.

  2. Replies
    1. They really are. I love seeing stuff like this in the toy aisle. Yeah, it's not a new IP or anything but it's definitely really fun, imaginative, and unexpected.

  3. And now I wish someone made figures based on the old Capcom ALIEN VS PREDATOR game.

    1. NECA has. They made a two-pack of Dutch and Linn from the game and a bunch of the aliens and predators.

  4. If there's one question that I've always had regarding that game it's this: did Cyberdyne fit Dutch with his cyborg arm?

    1. That would be incredible and would totally make sense. During the vintage Kenner Predator/ Aliens line apparently there were plans at one point to release Dutch in the line. I really, really hope Dutch finds his way into NECA's Alien/ predator Classic line. It'd be a dream come true. I'd be OK if he had a cyborg arm as well! That would be great!

  5. And somewhere I think it's likely that a customizer has put a Terminator arm on a Movie Dutch for a more realistic Aliens Vs. Predator Arcade Dutch or repainted a Marvel Legends Cable to look like Game Dutch.

    Kenner really made some good Predator, Alien. and Batman variants, didn't they?

    1. They did. While Kenner definitely went overboard with Batman variants, they had some great ones too, especially in the Legends of Batman line. Their Alien and Predator variants were all great, though.

  6. I was half-expecting the Scorpion Alien, Bull Alien, and Dog Alien (wait...was there a Dog Alien?) to appear in a live-action movie. And me and a friend would think up of new Alien types in our spare time: Alligator Alien, Snake Alien, and Bat Alien, to name just a few. And that Bat Alien would have inevitably been matched up against his Ultra Armored Batman figure.

    1. Kenner never made a dog alien in the vintage line. Closest was the Panther alien and Night cougar Alien.


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