Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Classic Hokey Halloween Horror: Tic Tac Bewitching Blend

  Who doesn't want to read a now three year old review of Tic Tacs, am I right? This was from my inaugural year of Hokey Halloween Horror at ThEpic Review! 

 Need something to freshen your breath after eating a big bowl of Boo Berry cereal or drinking some Red Licorice Jones soda? Well, Tic Tac has got you covered with their new Tic Tac "Bewitching Blend". Yup, even breath mints are wanting to get into the Halloween food game this year. Now initially you might think this looks like a simple package of orange and green Tic Tacs, and you'd be right in that assumption, but a closer eye reveals that Tic Tac took a few extra steps to make sure their mints are spookier than the other mints on the shelf. Ready for a closer look yourself? Then join me after the break...

     The little plastic box that these come in is simply the standard clear Tic Tac box they've been using for years. It conventiently opens with a little chute on top that allows you to deliver a few mints into your hand or someone elses. People always feel justified in asking you for a Tic Tac, don't they? What's Halloweenish about the label is that it's purple and black and features the words "Bewitching Blend" dangling from spider webs in a spooky green and black font next to a picture of a cute witch. Pretty nifty,I have to say.  The green and orange mints are also appropriate Halloween colors, so their inclusion works here as well.

     The mints are flavored orange (definitely most people's favorite Tic Tac) and apple. The green apple flavored Tic Tacs are really good. They have a sour sweet taste to them that definitely tastes like apple. It kind of reminds me of apple soda, which is delicious. The orange Tic Tacs taste exactly like every other orange Tic Tac ever made. They have the taste of citrus to them, kind of like how orange dishsoap smells. That's not a bad thing, by the way, that's awesome.

      Anyways, I know I paid less than a dollar for these and I'm enjoying eating them. I took the box with me to work today in my pocket and during the work day I ate nearly 50 of the 60 mints (I gave away about three or four mints to other people/ beggars), so using my math skills I know that I consumed around 100 calories today solely from Tic Tacs. These are a fun product that I stumbled across and would recommend them to anyone who wants to eat breath mints while celebrating Halloween, although I'm not exactly sure the orange or apple Tic Tacs really freshen your breath all that well. They're still darn yummy.

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