Friday, November 21, 2014

Lego Review: Lego Witch Polybag (40032) by Lego

     Lego releases quite a few seasonal polybags and today while out at Target I stumbled across this one. It's a wicked witch head that opens up into a small storage container. Since the majority of my Lego display is a giant haunted town, I figured I would be able to find a good way to use it: maybe display it outside of my witches' cabin or something? It kind of reminds me of Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie, which is a positive thing. Anyways, let's get right in and take a look at the witch! Join me after the break...

The set comes with around 70 pieces (I threw the bag away, so I don't remember the exact count) in black, gray, green, dark green, yellow, silver, red, purple, and dark green. Mostly black, yellow, and green, however. There are a few in interesting pieces such as the purple and yellow plates and the big gray base. It took me about five to ten minutes to put the set together.

Building the set starts off with the bottom of the witch's head and builds up. The interior is hollow since it serves as a storage container. You can look in the mouth which is also filled with some scattered teeth. You can also notice the choppy hair accomplished through
 yellow slopes.

Here you can see the witch's red eyes and her gnarled, crooked nose that's accomplished with a darker green slope and a 1x1 brick. There's a flat edge around the top so that the hat can be easily removed.

Here's the witch with the hat on! It's accomplished through lots of sloped bricks. I really like the purple band. This isn't a terribly exciting set but more of a decoration and I like it for what it is. It only cost four dollars, which isn't bad for a small decoration like this.
Here's a picture of the compartment feature. This is a good place to hide a Lego minifigure, a fun size candy bar, or even a battery opted tea light (don't stick a real flame in here) to make her give off a spooky glow. I'm giving the figure a good and a 1/2. She's definitely not the most exciting Halloween Lego set ever but she's fun for a little decoration for your desk or shelf. Happy Halloween! 

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