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Minifigure Review: Series 2 from Kaiju Big Battel


   Back in 2019 I reviewed the first series of keshi from Kaiju Big Battel. They were a great line of wrestling inspired minfigures and I was very excited when Kaiju Big Battel offered up a second series via Kickstarter. They're very well done and fit in perfectly with M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Mine arrived right at the beginning of January to kick 2021 off right! The second series includes 11 new figures and a building for your wrestlers to demolish. Ready to rumble with these little guys? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 1 1/4 of an inch to 2 1/8ths of an inch tall

Set Includes: 11 figures and a building

Non-Scalper Price: $25 dollars for the set

Mung Wun

* Mung Wun is also known as the Thai Fly and she's a member of Team Space Bug, a faction of cosmic insects who fight both the heroes and Dr. Cube's evil minions. Apparently she possesses the ability to spit digestive juices at her enemies! Her wings are really ornate and she's got cool, segmented eyes and four arms with pointy tips!

American Beetle

* The American Beetle is an overly patriotic (jingoistic) giant Beetle who is billed as being 629 ballots tall. He's billed as one of the heroes but he's more like a slippery, slimy politician. He's wearing boxing gloves since he tends to box and he has stars and stripes on his shorts.

Powa Ranjuru

* Powa Ranjuru is one of the heroic wrestlers and one of the original Kaiju Big Battel fighters. She's supposed to be a fairy inspired wrestler so she's wearing a tutu and some sort of wings, although they could also be jet boosters. Her helmet is vaguely Power Ranger inspired though it also reminds me of Snake Eyes' visor.

Unicorn Party

* As best as I can tell, Unicorn Party is a wrestler with Progress Wrestling who bested Dr. Cube in a match in 2019 for the Le European Championship. He's a unicorn themed wrestler (or is he a wrestling unicorn?), which is a popular gimmick these days.

Penelope Plantain:

* Plantains apparently play a big role in Kaiju Big Battel and Penelope is another one of them. I can't find any info on her but she's smaller than the other Plantains and has a bow in her hair.


* Here's another guy I can't find anything about. He's apparently a giant scab? Yuck. That's pretty nasty, but kind of funny, too.

Hell Monkey

* The Hell Monkey is a demon monkey from Hell who is colorblind and believes the plantain characters are actually bananas. He's really cool looking with lots of muscles, one eye, horns, and a rock 'n roll salute going on. Oh, and a devil-like tail. He's one of the baddest of the bad guys with his extra-spicy danger style!

Dusto Bunny

* Dusto Bunny might be my favorite figure in the set. He's a giant dust bunny! How cool! He's got ears, big hands and feet, and he's covered with dust and lint and stuff. I'm actually kind of freaked out by dust and stuff so this guy would scare me even though he's one of the heroes. Apparently, he's quite wise, too. The only thing he fears is a broom.

Swarm Member:

* Members of the Swarm, part of the Team Space Bug, are armored, ant-like warriors with lots of sharp spikes and blades on their costumes. This guy is a pretty cool looking warrior who really gives me a M.U.S.C.L.E. vibe.


* I have no idea about Sharkatron but I love him because he's a bipedal shark with pincers and a utility belt. He could easily have been a Masters of the Universe character, couldn't he?

Zombie Pablo Plantain:

* It's yet another Plantain, except this one is a zombie! He's hideous and terrifying! He rotting, damaged, and has an super creepy grin and a very suave mustache. He's the brother of Pedro Plantain from series 1 and he's responsible for eating the Silver Potato.


* The last piece is a small building which the Kaiju Big Battel stars can battle around and knock over. They use cardboard battles in the rings to simulate the fights seen in Japanese giant monster movies so this is a fun accessory for the set.

   I'm not too tough on minifigures like this and when you're talking about getting 11 figures (plus the building) for $25 bucks, less than $3 dollars a figure, I'm all in. They have very crisp sculpts, a great M.U.S.C.L.E. pink color, and they feel like quality pieces: Not too rubbery/ just rubbery enough. Series 2 is another hit for Kaiju Big Battel's keshis and they're worth tracking down if you love M.U.S.C.L.E. and other similar minifigure lines. Line them up and let them battle! This is an Epic set of minis. Bring on Series 3, Kaiju Big Battel!

These are the first figures of Mung Wun, American Beetle, Powa Ranjuru, Unicorn Party, Penelope Plantain, Scab, Hell Monkey, Dusto Bunny, Swarm Member, Sharkatron, and Pablo Plantain. For more figures from Kaiju Big Battel check out the following:

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