Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Minifigure Review: Series 1 from Kaiju Big Battel

    Are you ready for some phenomenal minifigures in the tradition of M.U.S.C.L.E./ Kinnikuman? Then get ready for Kaiju Big Battel! I had never heard about Kaiju Big Battel, either, but it's a live action wrestling show with bizarre characters and giant kaiju facing off in a wrestling ring complete with miniature buildings. Last year Kaiju Big Battel went to Kickstarter and now it's a line of minifigures, too. After running a suucessful Kickstarter campaign we now have a great set of 11 minifigures based on such rich characters as Dr. Cube, French Toast, and the Silver Potato. The first series has 11 different figures will eventually be sold in blind boxes of two figures each. Backers were given the chance to grab all 11 sculpts in one go, so that's absolutely the set I went for. It was a good choice as these little guys are awesome. The plastic is great (maybe a bit more rubbery than vintage M.U.S.C.L.E. but they feel great), the sculpts are as crisp as a Fall morning, and the pinkish color is a site to behold. Let's look at all eleven figures after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 7/8ths of an inch to 2 inches tall

Set Includes: 11 figures

Non-Scalper Price: $25 dollars for the set

 Dr. Cube

* The main villain of Kaiju Big Battel is Dr. Cube, a horrific villain who hides his scarred visage with a cardboard box on his head. He's got a great classic "arms open wide" M.U.S.C.L.E. pose, a stethoscope worn over his scrubs, and some seriously angry eyebrows.
 Silver Potato

* He's apparently a potato clad in a silver spacesuit. Or aluminum foil. It's tough to tell. He doesn't look a lot like a potato, but neither does the actual character from Kaiju Big Battel. He's got goggle like...eyes? Or goggles? That always goes a long way in my book.

*  Part of a low budget government experiment to create a robotic hero, RoBoX is a darn cool figure. He's actually supposed to be made of cardboard so this figure might be more durable than the real thing! I love the long, stretchy looking arms and the giant claw in place of a right hand. You're not going to forget this guy's name! You know. Since it's written on his body.
 Sky Deviler

* The Sky Deviler is now deceased, I believe. That's a real shame because this guy is quite cool looking. His really unusual mouth, scaly body, and singular eye show off some impressive sculpting. He reminds me of Fred in his alien costume in Big Hero 6, although with two less eyes.
 Baby Deviler

* Taking the place of Sky Deviler is Baby Deviler. He's tiny and reminds me of Baby M.U.S.C.L.E./ Mito from Kinnikuman. He's so little and cute! Also, check it out: Only one tooth!

* His full name is D.W. Cycloptopuss III and he's the son of the King of the Deep. He's amazing detailed and has nearly everything you could want from a sea creature! Claws? Check. Tentacles? Check. A codpiece made out of a seashell? Check!
 Pedro Plantain

* One half of the Los Plantanos (alongside of Pablo Plantain), Pedro Plantain was a hero and a legend. From what I gather he was murdered, however, and then turned into a zombie. The CIA also tried to create some imposter plantains that were yellow rather than green (because most Americans don't know what color a plantain is supposed to be). He's wearing cargo shorts, too!
 Cube Minion

* One of Dr. Cube's evil minions definitely has the Jason Voorhees thing going on, doesn't he? Long string hair, a creepy mask, and a sharp machete all make for a pretty wicked looking figure.

* I believe the Astroroach is a brand new character made for this line. He's pretty cool so far as space insects go. The back of the figure has wings and stuff while the front reminds me of a spark plug for some reason.

* Hey! It's Pheyden! Since Matt Doughty was consulted on the line and Onell Designs helped to get these made, Pheyden has popped up in this series. He's also wrestled as well. My daughter and I love his match against the Silver Potato.
 French Toast

* Last but not least is another favorite of mine, French Toast. He's a giant, yummy looking piece of French Toast. Wait... no he's not. He's clearly a giant waffle. What kind of game are you trying to play with me here, Kaiju Big Battel?

* Kaiju Big Battel also sent along one of the cardboard sleeves that the figures will be sold in. They come two to a pack and the sleeve shows off some great artwork on the front while having pictures of all of the figures on the back.

* They also sent along a little pin with Dr. Cube's logo on it. It's fun!

  This is an Epic set of minifigures. I love the variety of the figures, the quality of the plastic, and the overall aesthetic of the line. I'm really wanting to get into this show a bit more as it seems fantastically fun and silly. I also hope that we see Series 2 of Kaiju Big Battel's Kaikeshi line before too long. There are still plenty of designs that would make great toys. Fun, durable, and a great tribute to M.U.S.C.L.E. and it's ilk, these are minifigure done right!

  If you're interested in checking out more Pheyden reviews I've actually reviewed some of the OTMFG versions including the purple Ghoul Zombie Pheyden, the Hot Pink AP Zombie Pheyden,
the St. Patrick's Day inspired Lucky Green Zombie Pheyden, and Winter Blues Zombie Pheyden.

These are the first figures of Dr. Cube, RoBoX, French Toast, Astroroach, Silver Potato, Sky Deviler, Baby Deviler, Cube Minion, Cycloptopuss, and Pedro Plantain I've reviewed. 


  1. These are awesome. Need the French Toast guy.

    1. So the Kickstarter is just getting fulfilled. Any idea when they will sell these to the public?

  2. 2 packs are up for sale now at Kaiju.com

    1. Nice! Go get them folks! These are some of the best minifigures out there!

      Thanks for stopping buy, Rand!


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