Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Action Figure Review: Clawful from Masterverse/ Masters of the Universe New Eternia by Mattel

  Who's ready for some Masterverse? Today I'm very excited to check out another figure from Mattel's excellent Masterverse subset Masters of the Universe: New Eternia: Clawful! Not only have the New Eternia figures just been solid toys with a nice mix of new elements but they've also typically offered up very classic versions of the MOTU cast as well. The same goes for Clawful here; want a mostly classic Clawful? You've got it. Want an updated Clawful with elements from the Filmation Clawful and the 200x/ Staction Clawfu? You've got that, too. When I went to order my Mattel Creations exclusive Vykron I found that Mattel actually had some standard figures in stock, too, so I managed to grab the new Origins deluxe figures and this guy. They shipped before Vykron, but have no fear! I'm reviewing him soon, too! Let's take a look at Clawful after the break...


The Facts:

Height: 7 1/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, boot swivels, double hinged knees, thigh swivels, balljointed hips, swivel waist, balljointed mid-torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, double hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged pincers, and a barbell jointed head.

Accessories: Shield, mace, shoulder pad, back armor, and harness. 

Non-Scalper Price: $33 dollars

The Positives:

* Right out of the box Clawful is pretty amazing looking. I have always liked the concept of Clawful better than the actual execution of the toys, but this one is dynamite. He looks less like a weird, gimmicky wrestler and more like some sort of actual crab person. Clawful's race is the Karikoni, and here he looks more authentically inhuman rather than just a dude wearing armor. His limbs even have unusual ridges and bumps and his armor has a fantastic sculpt to it to show off all of that chitinous detail. The paint is superb as well. There really is some nice detail on his chest. He's sporting a belt like the 200x design, too, which is pretty cool. 

* This is an awesome Clawful head sculpt. The vintage toy and even the Masters of the Universe Classics figure had a Muppet-like head with weird eyebrows and such, but this guy is fierce. Fierce. Look at those teeth and those creepy pale eyes. This guy isn't a joke; he's an Eternian nightmare for sure.

* He's a look at Clawful's back, allowing you to take another look at how cool his "shell" looks.

* Like a Fiddler Crab, Clawful has one massive pincer and one smaller pincer. Not only are the sculpts excellent but the pincers on both hands are hinged. This is just so much fun!

* I love the blue, claw-like feet on Clawful. They just add more to his inhuman feel.

* Clawful, like most of the other New Eternia figures, comes with some extra gear to change up his look. First up is an orange armored harness with a blue gem, which is based on the armor worn by Clawful in the Filmation. He looked really different there, if you remember, but it's cool to include this to kit him out with.

* The second armored but fits over Clawful's back. It actually goes around his neck peg and clips onto the back of his orange harness, though you could certainly use it by itself, too. This is some massive back armor with big spikes, kind of like a blue crab.

* Throw on Clawful's armor, rear shell, and the bicep armor for his left art and you've got a pretty wild looking Clawful who is armored up and ready for battle. I love that New Eternia gives up options like this and it makes it one of the most fun line currently out there.

* While he's mostly made of new parts, Clawful has the same articulation as most other Masterverse figures which is a great thing. He's really nicely made and is just tons of fun to pose, especially with his pincers. That large pincer is just super fun here, and it also make me hungry for seafood. 

* This is one heck of a mace. It's large, well sculpted with some fun design flourishes, and has an appealing metallic green sheen to it. He can hold it really well in his right pincer for some serious shell cracking. 

* Clawful also comes with a standard shield in metallic orange. I'm not sure if this is a reference to anything in Clawful's past but it does fit over his left claw and matches his harness, so it does work nicely with him. 

The Negatives:

* My only complaint with the figure is that the straps on Clawful's harness are a bit too short. I can get one attached but not the other. It still fits on fairly well, but not quite as it should.

   Clawful is big, bad, and a really nicely designed figure. The little touches like the fantastic paint applications on his chest armor, the working claws, and that incredible new headsculpt really make him work for me. He's easily the best Clawful figure to date. I like his extra gear, too, but I will say that without an extra portrait or another accessory, he feels a bit less deluxe than many of the other deluxe releases. Not terrible, just not as loaded. He's definitely a Great figure, though, so make sure to give him a look if you're interested. Whether you want a classic or updated Clawful, this guy delivers.

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  1. Mattel Creations seems a bit random in their shipping. So does Hasbro Pulse. Both of those companies ship stuff out kind of randomly with little warning.

  2. I haven't messed with Vykron much yet so I'm going to have to check that out. My Buzz-Off is hanging out in my BBTS pile of Loot with Ram Man waiting on a few more figures to show up before I ship.

  3. Didn’t even know motherboard was coming until i read this. I been thinking to get Vykron. Got deluxe evil Lyn. Yeah gotta pace yourself for sure

    1. Masterverse has been fairly easy to keep up with, but mix that with collecting multiple other lines and, yes, things get crazy!

  4. Saw this post and boogied over to check out Motherboard. Nice.

    1. I'm glad! I managed to order mine to. I'm hoping she ships fairly soon.

  5. I feel for you, buddy. I hope you got something worked out and were able to get her.


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