Friday, October 12, 2018

Toy Review: '14 Mercedes- Benz G 550 (Battle Damage) from Matchbox: Jurassic World

   Today I'm looking at another vehicle from the Walmart exclusive Battle Damaged Jurassic World vehicles, and this time it is the '14 Mercedes- Benz G 550 that Owen and Claire drive through Jurassic World while they're looking for Claire's nephews. This set seemed to show up at Walmart last month to coincide with the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on home video and each vehicle in the set is also available as part of a battle damaged 5-pack version of the Island Transport Team set that was originally released in late spring. Let's take a quick glance at this one after the break...

 The Facts:

Model Number: FMX11

Length: 2 3/4ths inches

Non-Scalper Price: $1 dollar

* Here's a look at the Battle Damage version of the '14 Mercedes- Benz G 550 (left) and the standard version (right). Besides the "battle damage" paint apps on the side, the only difference is that the number #05 on the sides is printed in black on the Battle Damage model versus being printed in white on the standard model.
 The Positives:

* I do like the new paint applications on these. I've never been much of a toy car collector beyond the occasional Hot Wheels Batmobile or Ecto-1 so painted details like this definitely appeal to me. The damage is truly just cosmetic (so no change to the actual model) but it looks good and just seems more exciting.
 The Negatives:

* It does drive me a bit crazy that, like the Textron Tiger, there is no battle damage on the hood or the rear of the car. Some mud splashed on the hood or some claw marks on the back would have really made the day here.

  The Battle Damage '14 Mercedes- Benz G 550 is still a really nice vehicle and the paint work does make it a bit more interesting. It's definitely a cool variant, although I wish the damage was more spread across the vehicle rather than just on the sides. Still, for a buck this is a Great vehicle and definitely a well made toy or collectible. These seem to be Wal-Mart exclusives so that's where you need to go to pick one up!

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  1. It's worth mentioning that we have no idea what happens to Mercedes 05 in the movie: Owen and Claire get out of it when they find the wrecked Gyrosphere, but we never see them return to it. They're on foot for the remainder of the time searching through the jungle (to the point where Owen has to try and get the old Jurassic Park Jeep 18 working in the abandoned garage). It's weird they just ditched the Mercedes. They do drive another one later, but it's Mercedes 07, meaning Mercedes 05 is still sitting in the forbidden zone with its doors open as of the ending of the film... maybe this represents what it looks like circa Fallen Kingdom after three years in the jungle. XD

    1. Very true. Of course, at this point Mattel could release a package just containing some ash and they'd have another variant for the vehicles left on the island after Fallen Kingdom! haha

    2. Of course I meant BEFORE the volcano blows its top! XD

    3. You gotta admit, though: Mattel could use that context to make some pretty cost effective variants. Hasbro could use it to make some effective Infinity War variants, too. Haha


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