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Minifigure Review: Harley Quinn (Series 2) from DC Comics Lil Bombshells by Cryptozoic Entertainment

 Harley Quinn is such a popular character that Cryptozoic stuck her in both the first and second series of their DC Comics Little Bombshells line (she also had a repaint version in series 1.5). Harley is a popular character so who can blame them right? In order to get a full set of the ten series 2 figures I actually bought an entire case of 12. I ended up with one of each character, one of the chase repaints of Supergirl, and one extra Harley Quinn. If you're interested in one of these, let me know and I'll sell her to you! Anyways, let's take a closer look at this series 2 Lil Bombshells minifigure after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 3 inches

Articulation: None

Accessories: Metal storage tin

Non-Scalper Price: $10 dollars

* Here's a comparison between the series 2 Harley Quinn (on the left) and the series 1 Harley (on the right). While they're both completely unique sculpts, they designs are completely similar with the only differences being the weapons she's holding and the posture. I honestly prefer the original version; I really wish Cryptozoic had done more to differentiate these two.

* Speaking strictly on this figure's merits, it's a nice sculpt with great paintwork. Cryptozoic does some excellent work in this scale with impressive details and very clean, very attractive paintwork. Harley is wearing her most well known Bombshells outfit here. The pose is pretty standard, though, without any dynamic feel to it. She's just standing straight up, which looks kind of odd for some reason.

* The best part of this figure is her popgun. It looks exactly how you'd expect it to: A large revolver looking pistol with a wooden cork jammed in the barrel.
  * I'll give the same spiel about the price and the container that I gave with earlier figures in this line: I don't usually talk much about price but l feel the need to mention that for around $10, these seem a couple of dollars too high for a blind-bagged series. Well, blind canned. Yeah, these actually come in little tins with removable lids. It's a cool gimmick although I imagine it's what is adding the extra few bucks to the line. The tin is quite nice, though, and looks good on display with the figure. There's even a checklist on the back. 
  To be honest, while I like this costume for Harley, the fact that we're getting it again in series 2 with a less interesting pose is kind of unexciting. Maybe if they had tried to release something more dynamic or something with a more unique paintjob I would be a bit more jazzed about this figure. I'm not, though. It's just too similar to what has come before. It's a Good miniifgure, but something a bit more unique would have been welcome.

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