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Minifigure Review: Orko from World's Smallest: Masters of the Universe by Super Impulse


   I'm not going to check out all of the figures from series 2 of Super Impulse's World's Smallest Masters of the Universe as there are quite a few repaints (a translucent green Slime Pit He-Man, a Green Goddess Teela, and the dark blue and black Leo Skeletor), but I wanted to hit the new stuff and, after Castle Grayskull, the next most exciting release is Orko. I'm always happy to see Orko show up and he's a cute little addition to this line. He's really small, definitely smaller than the regular figures, but he's nice and colorful and really stands out. Ready to check out a super tiny version of Orko? Then let's check out the World's Smallest Orko after the break...

The Facts:

Height: Around 1 inch (with stand)

Articulation: Swivel shoulders and balljointed head.

Accessories: Blister card and tray.

Non-Scalper Price: $6-$8 dollars

The Positives:

* Is this figure really, really small? Yup. Does he look like Orko? Absolutely. Mission accomplished, right? , Seriously, though, the paint is really good on this microfigure and he's easily recognizable. I loved the Micro Machines micro figures, but sometimes those guys weren't always instantly recognizable. These are and their are details present like the "O" on Orko's robe, his ears poking out of his hat, and even his cartoonish eyes!

* Orko is articulated with swivel arms and a balljointed head. His head has a great range of motion and he can look all around freely, keeping an eye out for Man-At-Arms. Tat last trick didn't go so well and Duncan is still kind of mad. 

*  Orko is permanently attached to a display base which looks like a puff of magic. It's a lot like the Origins Orko. I think these figures are heavily based on some of the Origins designs (see Castle Grayskull), so that makes sense

* Like the other figures in this line, Orko comes with a little blister card that's inspired by the vintage line. The blister and the card are plastic (the "packaging" is a sticker) and it shows off a Filmation styled Orko looking kind of sly. What are you up to, Orko?

* The back of the package not only shows off the other figures available in series 2 but it has a working plastic door so you can remove the figure. It snaps shut, too, so it keeps everything safe and in place.

* Putting the microfigure back in the "packaging" is a really cool way to display the figure. There's even a small plastic tray inside to keep Orko in place.

   Orko is teeny tiny and doesn't have any accessories, but he sure is a unique little collectible. He's not really a true toy or anything but he's a fun little novelty item with a lot of potential. Need an Orko figure for your other action figures to play with in funny photographs? Here you go. Want to display a bunch of Orkos in a row like nesting dolls? Here's the smallest one. Just like displaying lots of random stuff together? This item, while small, will definitely get some attention. It's a Great little piece and a fun addition to the World's Smallest Masters of the Universe line.

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