Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Minifigure Review: Series 1 (Flesh) from Run-A-Mucks by Last Resort Toys

    Ready for another group of crazy little minifigures? Then check out series 1 of Run-A-Mucks from Last Resort Toys. Run-A-Mucks was a Kickstarter funded project from earlier this year that arrived in my mailbox a week or two ago. Like so many other great minfigure lines in recent memory, particularly O.M.F.G., Run-A-Mucks uses designs from multiple different sources all sculpted in a somewhat uniform aesthetic. They're all very unique, but they "feel" like they belong together. Most of the figures in the set also seem more elaborate than many other M.U.S.C.L.E. styled lines out there, making these some incredibly impressive minis to look at. Let's check out the first series of Run-A-Mucks after the break...

 The Facts:

Includes: 6 figures and "vomit" for Coughin' Coffin.

Height: Around 2 inches

Non-Scalper Price: $22 dollars

Sculpted by Bryan Fulk, designed by Sam De Jesus, Bryan Fulk, Trysta, Nik Sardos, Al Sharpe (AKA bigburty), Gabriel Barragan, and Christopher Howard Wolf.

* Antaeus is a little frog guy whose tongue apparently turns into a machine gun of sorts. Antaeus is probably the tamest sculpt in this series, so if a frog whose tongue turns into a machine gun is the baseline for "normal" then I believe we're all in for a good time. He's a cool little mini who looks like he could have been a concept for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character. He's very smooth without a lot of texture, though that gives him a very clean appearance. He stands well and has a rather mean look to his eyes. 

*Blowman might be my favorite figure in the set. He's just so wonderfully demented! I mean, essentially he's a suicidal snowman, which was actually the name of the fusion punk/ western swing band I was in during college. (You're a liar- Editor.) I'm a little disturbed that the power cord isn't plugged in, though. How is he melting? Is he maybe already injured and now he's just trying to put himself out of his mercy?

* The sculpt here is fantastic. It's very unique and features a fantastic melted look to it. Looking closely you can see that parts like the hat and the upper body are separate pieces. These little guys are well constructed and assembled and look fantastic!
 Captain Sporloff

* Captain Sporloff is the only female member of the first series of Run-A-Mucks (that's true, according to the Kickstarter). This is a really creepy mini with a rather large footprint thanks to the tendrils and the large skull. The eyeballs and individual teeth also make this one a winner. Throw in that retro futuristic ray gun and I'm loving it.

* Captain Sporloff also shows off the very deluxe nature of these figures. The shape of her skull is really creepy (I love how elongated it is!) and you can see how the tentacles are extremely  intricate for such a small figure. Last Resort Toys really did some excellent work assembling this piece.
 Coughin' Coffin

* Cougin' Coffin is another figure that could be my favorite figure here. I mean, it's a coughing coffin. What's not to like? The wood of the coffin looks great. At first you might just take this for a normal coffin. When you realize the coffin is hunched over, though, as if it's getting ready to wretch up its guts, you really start to appreciate it.

  * Like the Puke Knight from OMFG series 2, Coughin' Coffin also features a separate vomit piece. This one is a mixture of dirt and bones, as if the coffin is literally vomiting up the contents inside. That's pretty awesome. It definitely feels like something out of Wacky Packages or something.

*Another cool mini that's wonderfully ridiculous is Grinade, a grinning hand grenade who is just about to pull the pin. Remember the anthropomorphic bombs in the Final Fantasy games that would attack you by exploding? That's what this bad boy is getting ready to do. And you know he's going to do it, too, as he's got the most wicked looking grin. If a Xenomorph could smile, this is what it would look like.

* From the back you can admire all of the cool detail, such as the striker lever and Grinade's serrated shell.

*Stinkweed, based on the concept art, looks like a deranged sunflower. That's a good thing, too. I love it. I love the vines and roots and plant stuff bursting out of his pot. Seriously, this guy is the most detailed figure in the set and you can see the work put into sculpt. Even the bottoms of his "feet" are covered with detail.

 * I'm also a big fan of Stinkweed's petals. They're slicked back like hair, and they give him a meaner look. Seriously, he's a pretty wicked looking dude.
   This is a really nice set of minifigures. I haven't picked up as many minfigures this year but these ones are a winner for sure. For $22 dollars you can order this set from Last Resort Toys and for 6 minfigures like this, that's a steal. They're a bit bulkier than most minifigures of the sort and definitely a bit more complex. The pink color is excellent and they feel pretty good. They're not quite rubbery but they still feel right to me. For fans of these types of wacky, Keshi and M.U.S.C.L.E. inspired minifigure lines, these are a winner. This is an Epic set that's well worth picking up. There are some other colors available, too (including ice blue) so pick up your favorite!

These are the first figures of Antaeus, Blowman, Captain Sporloff, Cougin' Coffin, Grinade, and Stinkweed I've reviewed.


  1. Those are great! A few of them really remind me of the gone too soon SLUG Zombie figures.

    1. I absolutely see that. The Snowman and Coughin' Coffin definitely remind me of SLUG Zombies. That series should have definitely continued on. I don't understand why it ended so soon.


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