Monday, August 1, 2016

Action Figure Review: IG-88 #103 from POP! Star Wars by Funko

 Today I'm looking at the second POP! figure from May's Bounty Hunter themed Smuggler's Bounty box that I received belatedly due to not-updating my debit card on file: It's IG-88, one of the six bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back. Surprisingly this seems to be the first POP! version of IG-88 that Funko has released and he's an exclusive to the Smuggler's Bounty box. Ready to take a look at one of the most famous Assassin Droids in the galaxy? Then join me after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 4 3/4 inches

Articulation: Bobbling head

Accessories: Display stand

Non-Scalper Price:  $25 dollars as part of a set which also included a Boba Fett POP!, a Boba Fett patch, a Bossk pin, and a cool T-shirt with the Empire bounty hunters on it.
 The Positives:

*While the POP! aesthetic typically involves human(oid) characters with small, dark eyes, it's always interesting to see how they handle something more unusual like a droid. IG-88 looks great and there's a lot of cool detail here. I'm not sure it's 100% accurate or anything but you should definitely recognize this guy. Plus, since he's technically a bobble-head, you could remove his head to make the drink dispenser at Chalmun's Cantina.

 * The body sculpt is nicely detailed with lots of machinery and techy buts shown. IG-88's also rocking his bandolier filled, no doubt, with all sorts of death dealing items. The paint work is good; I think Funko nailed IG-88's color here.

* IG-88 is armed with both of his weapons (a BlasTech E-11 and a DLT-20A) and he looks great holding them. The detail is pretty nice on them and he's even holding them pretty accurately to the way he holds them in Empire.
The Negatives:

 * IG-88 comes with a removable stand, which is cool, but it also is pretty necessary to keep IG-88 standing. Most other POP! figures don't come with stands so if you're trying to have some uniformity in your POP! display, you might have some difficulty getting IG-88 to stand on his own.
I find it kind of difficult to review POP!s as they're pretty much all good quality, stylized figures. It really ends up being a decision based on how much you like the character and how much you like the stylized look of the character Funko has gone with. Overall I love IG-88, so that's a big plus, and I think Funko nailed the likeness. My only problem here is that IG-88 can't stand on his own. He's a Great and a 1/2 POP! and, if you're a fan of the bounty hunters and POP!s, you'll probably want to pick this set up as soon as possible. Last I checked if you're a Smuggler's Bounty subscriber you can order older boxes at a 25% discount, meaning you get both IG-88 and Boba Fett for around $18. That's how I got mine and I'm not at all disappointed.

I actually have reviewed one other IG-88 figure on Action Figure Barbecue: The Black Series IG-88 from Hasbro.

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  1. GOOD GOD, it's the cutest little assassin droid ever! Even if he was in the middle of killing me I'd be like "AWWWWW!"

    1. LOL. He is pretty adorable. We have the Mini Muggs IG-88, too, and they're just an adorable little pair.

    2. OH DANG, I didn't know they made a mini one too! I'll have to track that down, at least.

    3. Yup. He was a part of a Target exclusive 3-pack with Boba Fett and Bossk. My little one has claimed those two for display in her room but IG-88 is hanging out with the rest of the Mighty Muggs.


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