Sunday, August 21, 2016

Minifigure Review: White Washer from Trash Bag Bunch by Galoob

I've always liked the Disposers figures in this line better than the Trashors so I'm thrilled to be adding a new Disposer to my Trash Bag Bunch collection: White Washer. This guy is a pretty decent sized minifigure and has a ton of detail on him. Since this is a minifigure review I'll just jump right in and get started. Learn more about White Washer after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 2 1/4 inches

Year of Release: 1991

 * This guy is just awesome. While he definitely looks a bit slovenly, his armor and demeanor definitely make White Washer look like he's ready for business. He looks like a blend of a Ghostbuster and one of the Colonial Marines from Aliens mixed with the one of the Toxic Crusaders. I love the rifle he's carrying and the Game Boy-like device on the left side of his chest armor.

* White Washer has a really big backpack that kind of gives me a Ghostbusters vibe for some reason. Again, the sculpt is kind of impressive for the back of a minifigure and the paint work adds so much character! I love the metallic looking hoses or coils on this.

* My only complaint about this guy is that his oddly shaped feet make him somewhat prone to tipping over.

I love this guy. The paintwork and sculpt are just incredibly impressive and tons of fun. This guy is so pure 90s that you can practically hear Chumbawumba when you put him against your ear. I'm trying to finish this collection and White Washer is a Great and a 1/2 addition!

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