Saturday, May 13, 2017

Statue Review: Poison Ivy from Vinyl Vixens by Vinyl Sugar/ Funko

   Today I'm looking at the Vinyl Vixens Poison Ivy from Vinyl Sugar, a statue I picked up on a really good clearance sale! Sometime last month I was at Manifest Disc (a record store in Charlotte, NC) and found that they were having a pretty incredible sale on a variety of toys and statues: Buy 1 get 2 free! I ended up grabbing six items from the sale including the Diamond Select Gotham Jim Gordon, the DC Collectibles B:TAS Riddler and Penguin, the DC Icons Green Arrow, and of course, the Poison Ivy vinyl statue I'm looking at today. I reviewed the Vinyl Vixens Batgirl back in 2015 and I liked it quite a bit. I think I might like Ivy even a bit better. Funko/ Vinyl Sugar has put out a number of different lines like this and while some have had some true longevity (POP! and Rock Candy come to mind), others like Vinyl Vixens and the atrocious Vinyl Idolz don't seem like they caught on. Still, I think Vinyl Vixens was a pretty decent line of vinyl statues and considering that most of them can be found at clearance prices, fans of the Gotham City Sirens might still be interested in tracking them down. Let's check out the beautiful and deadly Poison Ivy after the break!

 The Facts:

Height: 9 inches tall (without stand)

Accessories: Stand

Medium: Vinyl

Non-Scalper Price: $28 
 The Positives:

* For any statue or non-articulated figure to be the least bit successful it's super important that it does two things well: Stand up securely and have a great pose. Fortunately, Poison Ivy meets both of those criteria. When attached to her base Dr. Pamela Isley stands firmly in place and looks great with a simple but fitting pose. Positioned at a slight angle with one hand on her hip and her left foot positioned at an angle to give her knee a bit of a bend, she looks great on display.

 * The Vinyl Vixens line has a unique style. The design aesthetic has the head a little larger than it should be but the body proportions are fairly normal looking. Poison Ivy is wearing a very classic green, leaf-like one piece and is sporting her green skin. I really prefer Ivy with green skin and it's much brighter in person than it looks in the photos. The paintwork is neat and clean all over and the figure is sporting very few of the marks and dents sometimes seen in vinyl figures.

  * Poison Ivy has a very pretty face. The eyes have a very nice paintjob and the lips look great with their vibrant red color.

* The back of Ivy's hair sports some nice detail, too. I love the leaves woven in to her long, ginger locks.

* To help make her even more eye catching, Ivy is carrying a rose in her left hand. The petals are pretty detailed and look really sharp. It adds a nice little something extra to the statue, doesn't it?

* I like the stand. They seem to be fairly uniform in the line with differing colors. It adds a little flair to the figure and looks pretty cool on it's own. It's a simple green translucent plastic star with glitter mixed in. It has three foot pegs: One for the left foot and two for the right foot.

 I really like this series of vinyl figures. I may even keep my eyes open to see if I find any more of these available on a bit of a clearance. For the price, they're a really solid line of lower end statues. If you like the style, you'll be really happy with these as they're durable, attractive, and stylish. Poison Ivy is a Great statue and well worth the price. The fact that I picked her up as part of a super crazy good clearance sale only makes her more appealing.

If you're looking for more of Dr. Pamela Isley, I've reviewed a few other Poison Ivy figures on this site including the Lego Arkham Asylum Breakout set which comes with an Ivy minifigure, the DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy, the DC Universe Signature Collection Poison Ivy, the DC Collectibles New 52 Poison Ivy, the DC Designer Series Bombshells Poison Ivy, and the Lil' Bombshells Poison Ivy.

If you're looking for more Vinyl Vixens reviews, check out the Batgirl Vinyl Vixen I reviewed about two years ago!

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