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Wrapping Up 2021: Sorceress from Masters of the Universe: Revelation Eternia Minis by Mattel


   It's time to wrap up the Masters of the Universe: Revelation Eternia Minis reviews with a look at a fantastic minifigure: Sorceress! While released under the MOTU: Revelation banner, the Sorceress seems like one of those figures that can work equally well with the classic/ vintage styled Eternia Minis. Her looks is pretty classic styled for sure and she ought to fit right in with your collection. The Sorceress has long been a core of MOTU and I really like how Revelation told her story, leading to her passing the mantle of the Sorceress of Grayskull to Teela. I also really loved the relationship between the Sorceress/ Teela Na and Man-At-Arms/ Duncan in Revelation. I'd love a 3 pack of Duncan, Teela Na, and baby Teela, but I doubt Mattel would ever relese that, huh? Let's let the Sorceress cast a spell on us and check her out after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 2 inches

Articulation: Swivel waist, swivel shoulders, and a swivel head.

Accessories: Staff

Non-Scalper Price: $5-$6 dollars
The Positives:

* The Sorceress looks fantastic. I love her appearance in this stylized and her sculpt and paint applications are excellent. The blue and orange of her outfit are just amazing

* It's tough to see but her wings look fantastic, too. Mattel did a great job on them.

* This is an excellent portrait. She's stylized, like the rest of the line, but the work on her cowl is really impressive. The sculpt and paint is just so neat and clean for a figure that's so tiny!

* Sorceress moves like the rest of the figures in the line: Swivel waist and shoulders with a swivel head. It's simple but you can get a nice bit of character out of her.

* The Sorceress' staff looks fantastic! It's a nifty little sculpt that really completes the figure.

   The Sorceress is one of my favorite Eternia Minis yet. She gets a Great and a 1/2 from me because of her excellent sculpt and paintwork, particularly because of the fantastic work on her face and hood. She really looks pretty amazing! She's stylized and it just works so well here. Mattel didn't release too many Revelation based Eternia Minis, and now it seems that they're moving on to minis based on the Netflix CGI animated He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Will they revisit Revelation and the classic themes? Only time will tell. This one is one to pick up though. She's fantastic!

   For more of the Sorceress I've also reviewed the NECA Stactions Sorceress (Classic Colors), the Origins Temple of Darkness Sorceress from Castle Grayskull, the green Series 2 M.U.S.C.L.E. figure, the VYNL Sorceress, the Funko POP! Sorceress #993, the Action Vinyls Sorceress (Pink) and the standard Sorceress, the Pint Size Heroes Sorceress, and the Mega Construx Sorceress included with Castle Grayskull and Sorceress included with the Panthor at Point Dread set.


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  1. I really want a MOTU line that's willing to go deep again. I'm not sure we'll ever see anything else like MOTUC.


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