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Minifigure Review: Whiplash from Masters of the Universe: Revelation Eternia Minis by Mattel


   In reviewed the Metallic Whiplash figure a couple of weeks back but I suppose I should get around to reviewing the standard Whiplash from the Masters of the Universe Revelation: Eternia Minis, huh? MOTU: Revelation gave us two designs for most characters (one from before the deaths of He-Man and Skeletor and one from after) and the designs for the members of Tri-Klops' techno cult, Motherboard, are some of the most unique. Transformed into a cyborg by the waters of Motherboard, Whiplash now has an augmented left eye and a spiked tail with an electrified orb on the end. Let's take a look at Whiplash after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 2 1/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel waist, swivel shoulders, and a ball jointed head.

Accessories: Spear

Non-Scalper Price: $5-$6 dollars


* The standard Whiplash is on the left while Metallic Whiplash is on the right. These are both the exact same sculpt, just with different paintjobs. Nothing much more to say about that, is there?

The Positives:

* Whiplash does have a pretty cool sculpt. I'm glad to see one of the new looks for a character in this line since most of the looks the MOTU cast sported after the deaths of He-Man and Skeletor were quite cool. While Whiplash still looks like Whiplash his new armor and such is pretty cool and definitely makes him seem very different. I like the colors here on his armored bits.


* The headsculpt is nice as well. I love the classic ridges and such and the new cybernetic eye. The green lens on the eye is a really neat detail.

 * These little guys have four points of articulation which may not seem like a lot except you gotta consider they're only a little over 2 inches tall. That's not bad for that scale! They're very durable little figures and would probably fit in well with lines like Imaginext and the Hasbro Heroes figures, so if you have a little one who's into MOTU these could be some decent starter toys. They're fun to play with and have a lot of shelf presence!



* Whiplash's tail is nicely sculpted and you can see how it's been augmented by Motherboard with a wrecking ball like tip.


* Whiplash's spear is really cool. Rather than just being sharp on two sides it has blades on all four sides of the tip. It's really wicked looking and for some reason makes me really excited to hopefully get this guy in the 7 inch Masterverse. Line.

   Whiplash is possibly my favorite figure from the MOTU: Revelation based Eternia Minis so far. He's a Great and a 1/2 minifigure with excellent paint and sculpted detail who benefits from the strong Whiplash redesign. I really love seeing new versions of MOTU characters and the Revelation designs still look like the classic MOTU cast but do feature some cool enhancements. This is a character I really want to see in Masterverse. With cool armor, a great design, and a super cool orange spear this little guy is a real winner.

 There haven't been that many Whiplash toys lately. I've reviewed the Eternia Minis Metallic Whiplash and the Super7 M.U.S.C.L.E. Whiplash minis from the #1 Masters of the Universe set (Green) and the flesh colored series 1 Whiplash

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