Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hokey Halloween Horror: What Halloween Costumes Have You Worn Over the Years?

Here's my list (as best as I can remember):

1980s: The Count, a generic G.I. Joe, a Ghostbuster twice (but two different costumes)
1990 and 1991: Raphael (Twice)
1992: General Norman Schwarzkopf
1993: Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park
1994: A Space Invader
1995: Robin
1996: A Pumpkin Spirit
1997: The Cat in the Hat.
1998: Jack Torrance from the Shining
1999: The Headless Horseman
2000: Indiana Jones
2001: 1970s Detective
2002: A Cowboy
2003: Ash from Army of Darkness
2004: Probably Indiana Jones again
2005: Frodo Baggins
2006: Frodo Baggins again
2008: A generic mercenary
2009: Captain Kirk
2010: Carl Fredricksen from Up!
2011 and 2012: The 11th Doctor

2013: Michael Myers
2014: Starlord
2015: Kylo Ren
2016: Starlord
2017: ???

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  1. Just remembered! in 1993 I dressed up like Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park! I didn't do a grim reaper costume. I had one, but it wasn't for Halloween. The space alien creature was 1994.


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