Monday, October 2, 2017

Haunt the Halls: My Skeleton Butler! Let's give him a name!!!

This is my skeleton butler. He's another dollar store pickup from last year who chills out on the door to the south wing of my home. I know that sounds fancy (it's really not) but I figure if I have a skeletal butler then I need to make things sound grander than they are. Anyways, here's my skeletal butler. What should we call him? Indiana Bones? Vomer Pyle? Brian Coccyx? Dang. I like Brian Coccyx. That's a good one. What do you think? It's way better than Capitate America or Dev Patella.


  1. Butlers usually go by one name (e.g. Jeeves). I'd suggest a simple "Coccyx" or "Clavicle".

  2. "Mr. Bones"...???
    Thank you for your kind words... (and the great Sam figure post)....
    a pleasant week to you and yours, good Sir...
    and ... Hello from Marshville....!!

  3. Maybe we need to have a context to name the official butler of Action Figure Barbecue. Keep the names coming! I'm enjoying reading them!


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