Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hokey Halloween Horror: We Made Pillsbury Ghost Cookies!

Pillsbury releases these "Ready to Bake" Ghost sugar cookies every year and I'm always down for them. I look forward to them because despite the fact that my wife is a world class master of baking, I like to throw some pre-made cookies with little ghosts on them in my oven and chow down. I'm glad my little one is taking after me because all I had to do last Friday when picking her up from pre-school was say "Tonight we're baking super spooky ghost cookies" and she was hooked. These cookies were a huge hit. Read more about ghost cookies than you ever imagined possible after the break...

 Here's what they're supposed to look like. The ghost and cookie are very pale (almost white) while the ghost is silhouetted with purple. The ghost also has an orange mouth and orange and purple eyes. These are pretty complex for ghost cookies. I'm pretty excited that these look the same (so far as I can remember) for as far back as I can remember.

  This year the Pillsbury Doughboy is dressed up like a ghost. It's pretty spooky.

 Here's the cookies straight out of the package. They look good enough to ear right here, but the package warns against that. Since Action Figure Barbecue is all about food safety, we wisely waited to cook these before eating them. They do look cool, though. Like little ghost tokens.

  Here's the cooked batch. It's kind of tough to tell when they're done as they really don't change shape much at all. They definitely do still look like ghosts though. I'm impressed that they didn't warp or anything. Ignore that one on the back, by the way; that was an accident on my part from trying to test a cookie that wasn't quite done yet.

Hope you get a chance to bake some cookies, too!


  1. Just have to be super-careful with baking these suckers. Too long and it is a hard, tasteless disc. But the designs are fun.

    1. Yeah, I can definitely see that happening. They do get a bit harder after setting so you're best to eat them ASAP. Ours disappeared pretty quickly!


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