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Action Figure Review: The Joker: Deluxe Edition from One:12 Collective DC Universe by Mezco

   For the first time in quite a while I'm getting a Mezco One:12 Collective review out in a timely manner! Today I'm checking out the Mezco exclusive figure of The Joker: Deluxe Edition. Last year Mezco released their own take on Batman's most famous nemesis and while it was a solid action figure, it certainly was lacking in some ways. While Mezco didn't fix all of the problems with the figure, they did release this deluxe edition that adds in lots of cool extras. I mean lots. This figure isn't as loaded down as the Fully Loaded Punisher figure, but it is close and feels like one of the most deluxe releases in the line to date. Being a huge fan of the Joker, I preordered this one right away. Since I reviewed the basic figure last year, which shares the general overall body and style of this figure, I have reused some of the text from that review. While you certainly may want to check out that older review for a comparison, I've tried to point out what is new here by using italics. If it is written in italics than I'm talking about something that is new and unique to this figure or that differs from the previous release. How does that sound? Ready to show that you "love that Joker?" Then join me after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 6 1/2 inches

Articulation: Balljointed ankles, double hinged knees, balljointed hips, balljointed waist, balljointed mid-torso joint, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge wrists, and double balljointed neck.

Accessories: Five portraits, removable jacket, removable coat, 6 interchangeable hands, pistol w/ 2 magazines, submachine gun w/ 2 magazines, chattering teeth, explosive, straight razor, knife, crowbar, display stand w/ posing arm, and storage bag.
Non-Scalper Price: $90 dollars
 The Positives:

 * The Joker does not have the same near flawless articulation that most other One:12 Collective figures have, due to both his design (no butterfly joints or double hinged elbows) and his more restrictive outfit. Still, the articulation does feel pretty durable and still allows the figure to take some great poses. It's solid, but not as impressive as the rest of the line.

 * Besides the multiple extra portraits and extra accessories, the other difference between this figure and the previous Joker is the colors of his costume. Instead of straight purple suit this Joker has a pinstriped purple suit. His shirt and vest are also different, coming in a much more vibrant and comic-like green and orange combination. The outfit is fitted very well with the shirt, tie, and vest all being separate pieces. While the tie may be removable (it seems to have it's own elastic loop keeping it around the neck under the collar) the rest of the outfit is not. Still, it looks great. I far prefer this version to the standard version.

* Here's a picture of the jacket on the figure. It looks very good and definitely is not at all oversized like you would expect from a Mego figure, although it does lack the perfect fit of most other One:12 Collective figures. The tailoring isn't much different from last year's pattern so I'm assuming if we saw a truly new figure (not just a deluxe or variant) we may see a different design for a suit. As it stands, the jacket here is still incredibly solid and impressive for the scale.

* To really distance this figure from its predecessor try throwing on the purple trench coat. Not only are you going to get slammed by that classic comic vibe but you'll find this version of the Joker to truly feel like a fully new release rather than just a Deluxe Edition. The jacket reminds me quite a bit of the trench coat included with the Fully Loaded Punisher and it may very well be the same pattern. It's good reuse, though, if it is. 
 * With the Deluxe Joker Mezco included one head from the standard figure and gave us four all new portraits. This one's my favorite from the original figure so I'm glad it was carried over. The laughing expression, cocked eyebrow, and tussled hair are incredibly cool and I can see elements of so many different depictions of the Joker in here (including a touch of Cesar Romero around the eyes) and I love it. This still might be my favorite Joker headsculpt ever on an action figure.

* The next headsculpt shows off a very extreme look for the Joker (who is a master of extreme looks) by giving us a truly angry looking Joker. This guy is not laughing anymore and he looks legitimately pissed off. It is kind of jarring to see the Joker not laughing or smiling but I like the option to try something different here. There are elements of it that remind me of the Joker from The Dark Knight Returns.

 * The slicked back hair on this Joker makes him look quite a bit like the Arkham Asylum version of the Joker. The standard Joker figure has a portrait similar to this design but it featured a maniacal grin rather than a sly, scheming smile. 
 * To go along with the classic trench coat Mezco has also gifted us with this cool Joker portrait permanently wearing his purple fedora. Whether this reminds you of the Killing Joke, Batman '89, the old Toy Biz Joker with the squirting flower, A Death in the Family and the artwork of Jim Aparo, or the artwork of Neal Adams, you're probably going to mentally tie this portrait in with something (or somethings) you really dig. It's great work!

* Last, and certainly not least, is this battle damaged Joker headsculpt. A black eye, messed up hair, and a missing tooth all point to a version of the Clown Prince of Crime who has just gotten thrashed by Batman and is getting ready for a trip back to Arkham Asylum.

* Want to see a cool little detail? Besides just wearing snazzy dress shoes, the Joker is also wearing green and black Batman socks. Nobody ever said the Joker wasn't obsessed, did they?

* I actually considered the limited number of hands (5) included with the standard Joker as a negative. Since Mezco gave us a sixth hand this time (we now have both left and right gripping hands) I'm going to rank the hands as a positive. Joker still has less hands than most other One:12 Collective figures, but Mezco did try to improve the figure and you are definitely getting more for your money.

* I want to pay extra attention to the very cool playing card holding hand. The card is attached to the hand, allowing this to be securely placed on the right wrist peg. This is a cool extra that should fit in well with most displays.

* What's the Joker without a gag item to tote around, right? Mezco gave the figure a little set of windup chattering teeth. They're not articulated but they certainly look nice. This time they're purple and green and have a gold tooth in them!

* In my review of the original Joker figure I said "[The Joker] really should have come with one or two other items such as a knife, a straight razor, or a crowbar." Guess what? Mezco included all three with this deluxe release! This straight razor is a great extra that is perfectly sized and actually folds up into the handle.

* I'm pretty sure this knife is just a repaint of the knife included with Captain America, but you know what? It works and it is an extra accessory.

 * This crowbar is a great new accessory and one I'm still surprised we didn't see with the original figure. Not only does it look like a legit crowbar but it's even covered with blood. Is that Jason Todd's blood?

* The coolest new accessory to come with the Deluxe Joker is this explosive device. Wow! This accessory is a work of art and features amazing paint work and sculpting. It's made of multiple smaller pieces and just looks incredible in dioramas. This is easily one of the best accessories Mezco has released in the One:12 Collective line.

 * The Deluxe Joker features quite a few extras originally included with the Fully Loaded Punisher figure. It looks like a MAC 10/11. It's a bit boxy looking but has a great sculpt and two interchangeable magazines.

* Another firearm borrowed from Frank Castle is the 45 caliber pistol with a barrel extension (a 1911-A1 perhaps?). I love the purple handle the inclusion of a working slide. Yes, you can actually pose the pistol with the slide back. That's a cool feature that just seems incredible in this scale. Plus, it has a removable magazine and and one extra. 

* The Joker comes with the muzzle effect piece that multiple other figures have included. Not only does it depict a muzzle flash from the barrel of a gun but it also features a small bullet at the end flying forward. This looks really impressive on display!

* Like every other One:12 Collective figure, the Joker comes with a personalized display stand. The Joker's is green with pinkish-purple printed text all over. The peg to hold the figure on the stand is positioned off center to give the figure plenty of room to stand.

 * The Joker also gets the same articulated display arm that most other figures in the line came with, too. It can be inserted into the included display base where the foot peg is (you just have to remove the peg). You can get some great, secure poses here as the joints are very tight on the display bar and it can absolutely support the figure's weight.The Joker's not known for being particularly acrobatic, but it's a nice extra nonetheless.

 * To keep the extra portrait and hands close by when not in use, Mezco also gives you a cool branded bag. It's just a simple plastic bag with a Ziploc styled closure, but it's appreciated.
 The Negatives:

* There is still no left hand for holding and firing a pistol. Why, Mezco? Why?

 * Articulation wise, I did mention above that the Joker was less articulated than his other One:12 Collective counterparts. Most disappointing is the lack of double jointed elbows and "butterfly" hinged on the shoulders. This means that the Joker, even with his jacket off, can't touch his face or hold up his card closer to his head.

* The Joker's ankles are true balljoints and while they have a great range of motion, they're really loose. I've had a few instances where the Joker has tipped over on his own. Not something I look forward to in a $90 dollar action figure.

 * While the Mezco One:12 Collective figures have typically come with nice heavy 5-panel storage boxes that are easily accessible to put figures and accessories in, the Mezco exclusives comes in a smaller box that feels very light and flimsy. I love the look and feel of the standard boxes and I'm frustrated that Mezco seems to be doing away with this tradition.
 Despite the flaws mentioned above, this Joker is a tremendous improvement over the first figure released by Mezco last year. Considering he is only $10 dollars more than your standard Mezco figure these days, the Joker is loaded with removable outfit pieces for multiple looks, lots of accessories, and five separate portraits. That's a lot and it makes for an Epic figure. Mezco does have another Joker coming out later this year/ early next year but if you're going to pick up one of the three Jokers we know about, this is the one to get.

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