Saturday, June 2, 2018

Something Has Survived!: Dimorphodon (Attack Pack) from Jurassic World by Mattel

  This guy is a nasty looking little creature, isn't he? I'm really digging the Jurassic World line from Mattel and the Dimorphodon was actually one of the first figures I picked up from it. This little pterosaur is one of the craziest looking figures available in the Jurassic World line and absolutely captured my attention the first time I saw these toys in stores. Dimorphodon is one of the smaller "Attack Pack" figures but is perhaps the most well articulated. Let's check this little flying creature after the break...

The Facts:

Length: 1 1/4ths inches tall, 8 1/4ths inch wingspan

Articulation: Hinged hips, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge neck, hinged lower jaw.

Accessories: None

Non-Scalper Price: $8 dollars

 The Positives:

* As I mentioned in the intro, the Dimorphodon has quite a bit of articulation for a smaller figure. Swivel/hinge wings and a swivel/hinge neck make him rather fun to play with and pose in various menacing ways.

 * One of the things I like about the Dimorphodon that seems like a huge improvement over the larger and a bit more expensive Pteranodon from the Jurassic World: Legacy line is that the Dimorphodon can both stand on it's legs and look forward and take a more natural looking flying pose. I wish the Pteranodon could have done that.

* The headsculpt is good. I like the eyes, the teeth, the opening jaw, and the overall appearance. The Dimorphodon definitely has the "Jurassic Park look" that make the dinosaurs from those films stand out.

* I like the colors on this figure. The overall gray color looks good and there is a nice light black paint effect that adds some shading and texture to the top of the wings. Underneath the wings are some red splotches, giving the toy just a bit more color.
  * Remember how the Kenner dinosaurs had that little "JP" brand on them? Mattel's dinosaurs don't have that but they do have this cool little symbol (maybe some sort of DNA-like design?). Scan it with a smart phone and you can add new dinosaurs into the Jurassic Facts App. I borrow my wife's smart phone to use it (I don't have one) and it's kind of cool. It's a collecting/ trivia based game where you collect dinosaurs, learn facts, and take trivia contests.
 The Negatives:

* While all of the Jurassic World figures I've reviewed thus far have featured this symbol on the bottom of a foot, the Dimorphodon's is on the bottom of its wing. It's a bit of an eyesore, really.
  I really think the Dimorphodon is one of my favorite figures in the Jurassic World series. He's small but the articulation is fun and he just looks like a mean little bugger. These little guys were quite nasty in Jurassic World and I assume they will show up in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, too. This is a Great figure for the price and pure hand candy. Mattel has impressed me with their offerings in this line and I don't think I'm the only one: I've seen my local stores restock their pegs at least three times with Jurassic World toys from Mattel! That's a rarity with a toyline these days.

This is the first Dimorphodon I've reviewed on the site. For more Jurassic World toys from Mattel, check out the following:


  1. Yeah, I love this one too! Quickly topped the charts as a favorite when I opened him. There's just something about the way the neck joint works that gives this thing a ton of personality.

    1. The neck joints on most of these figures are just really well done. They add so much personality to the figures!


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