Thursday, December 24, 2020

Collectible Review: Power Sword Scaled Prop Replica from Masters of the Universe by Factory Entertainment

   He-Man's Power Sword is one of the most iconic weapons of 1980's popular culture and today I'm checking out a scalped prop replica of the Power Sword from Factory Entertainment. Earlier this month I reviewed their Havoc Staff Scaled Prop Replica and while I liked it, I did find it a bit underwhelming as there just isn't a really good way to display it. I kind of feel the same way about this one, just to give you a heads up on where this review is going. This is a solid metal Power Sword that's in what I think might be in a 1/4th or 1/5th scale. It's shiny, a little sharp, and it looks like the Power Sword. I don't buy or review a lot of prop replicas so they're not my area of expertise but I do love Masters of the Universe more than almost any other property, so I've got that going for me at least. Let's prepare for fabulous secret powers and hold aloft this magic sword after the break...


The Facts:

Length: 7 1/2 inches

Composition: Solid metal

Scale: Around 1/5th

Non-Scalper Price: $30 dollars

The Packaging:

* The Power Sword comes packaged in a collector friendly durable box with an opening top. I like the lightning effects added to the image of the sword on the box. That's really a nice touch! The top easily lifts off to reveal the Power Sword inside of a molded tray and covered with another plastic overlay. You can take it in and out quite easily and overall it does a fine job of holding the item and showing off what's inside.

The Positives:

* Like I said in the intro, what you're getting here is a solid metal Power Sword. It's sturdy and the shininess of the metal is really quite lovely. It's tough to photograph but it looks great in person.

* Factory Entertainment went with the classic look for the Power Sword and can you blame them? It's excellent! If you have the Icon Heroes letter opener Power Sword, this one's about half an inch longer and looks a bit sharper than that one, though with fewer paint highlights. 


* The hilt of the sword has a nice spot of paint on it that definitely adds a bit of character to the sword. It's a unique element not often seen on Power Swords but I really like it. I also love the curved quillons on this piece. The sculpt is excellent!

The Negatives:

* Like with the Havoc Staff my only complaint is that there really isn't a great way to display it. You can leave it in the box or use the box insert but that's not terribly attractive. I really wish Factory Entertainment would have crafted a small stand to hold the item, either horizontally or vertically, and perhaps with a small name plate. Presentation is key for a prop replica and that would have been a nice touch. 

   The price is certainly right on these and considering how expensive and space consuming collecting full size prop replicas can be, these are a nice option for MOTU fans not wanting to get into the cost of having a life-size armory. That being said, despite how much I love the Power Sword it's a bit hard to get excited about a scaled metal sword that's not an accessory for a larger piece or doesn't have a great way to display it. If these had some sort of cool display base, perhaps with a nameplate or something, this really could gave been a cool display piece ready to go. As it stands, you're going to have to work to figure out how to come up with a way to make the Power Sword stand out on your shelf. Like the Havoc Staff, I'm giving this a Good rating. If you know what you're getting and are content with that then this is certainly worth a purchase. My guess is that most MOTU fans would be content to skip this, though, focusing on items that can be more easily displayed or played with. 


 If you're looking for just the Power Sword I did review the 1989 Power Sword from the He-Man/ New Adventures line. Of course, most He-Man figures in my Fabulous Secret Powers archive also have Power Sword accessories included with them, too. 

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