Monday, September 17, 2018

Classic Hokey Halloween Horror: Skittles Ghost

 This review originally appeared on The Epic Review back in 2013!

   Remember when there was tons of Halloween candy that also functioned as a toy? When I saw this Skittles ghost I snatched him up in a heartbeat. The ghost doesn't glow in the dark but he does dispense delicious Skittles candy. Sounds good, am I right? There's also a Skittles Pumpkin and if I seem him anywhere, I'm snagging him. There's more details on this after the break.

Here's the ghost without the plastic wrapper on. It's a two piece plastic ghost (there's a black base at the bottom that contains the Skittles and serves as the ghosts mouth. I really was hoping it would glow in the dark, but unfortunately it does not. The ghost is a pretty basic sculpt and has little arms on the side, two spooky eyes, and the Skittles logo molded on the back.

When you turn the base the plastic over the mouth slides away and you can access the Skittles inside. You're supposed to pour them out from the ghost's mouth, as the mouth is too small to get your fingers in.

The Skittles are just plain regular Skittles. Nothing fancy. There aren't many of them, which is a bit disappointing. I ate them pretty quickly. They were delicious.

This is a really short review tonight as I don't have much else to say about this product. It' a Skittles dispensing ghost. You can surely make up your mind whether you want to invest a dollar or so on the product based on that information alone, right? Seriously, I'm empowering you to make your own decision! Fellow Halloween lover, go and celebrate your freedom to buy Halloween candy (or not)!

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