Saturday, January 8, 2022

Wrapping Up 2021: Skeletor from Flextreme!: Masters of the Universe by Mattel


   Since I reviewed the Flextreme! He-Man yesterday you just knew I was also going to review Skeletor before long, right? Like I said in that review, it's crazy how much Masters of the Universe product was put out last year by both Mattel and other companies. These Flextreme! figures are odd because they just started showing up at places like Ollie's and Big Lots already marked down. They're 7-inch tall solid rubber bendable figures. While they're bendable (kind of) they kind of remind me of the old solid rubber wrestlers from the 1980s. Skeletor definitely is a bit cooler than He-Man as he looks better in this style but as toys they're just not that great. Let's take a brief look at the Flextreme! Skeletor after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 7 inches

Articulation: Bendable

Accessories: None

Non-Scalper Price: $6-$10 dollars

The Positives:

* I really do like the caricatured look of these figures, especially Skeletor. If Mattel had cast these in plastic and made them articulated figures (even minimally articulated) I think they'd be pretty cool. The smooth and simple aesthetic looks pretty cool and the paint job is quite nice. There's a lot of nice detail on Skelly's armor, too, especially on the skull on his belt.

* Skeletor's headsculpt is quite cool. I love the way his classic features like the red eyes and the skeletal teeth look in this caricatured style. He really does look quite neat and stands out on the shelf.

The Negatives:

* For a figure marketed as being bendable and called Flextreme! Skeletor just isn't, well, very flexible. He's made from a rather durable rubber but there's little movement here. His arms and legs move a bit and that's it. I was hoping he'd be more like Stretch Armstrong or something but he's not. He's just a moderately bendable bendy figure, which is disappointing. 

   As a toy this Flextreme! Skeletor just isn't much fun. It's not really that bendable where you can truly get fun fighting poses or anything and it's not something that's fun to fiddle around with like Stretch Armstrong or Goo Jit Zu. It's kind of like one of those solid rubber wrestlers from the 1980s but not preposed in a fun way. That being said, I do really like the stylized Skeletor design. Had this been a regularly articulated figure it could have been pretty neat. No accessories (even though his hands could hold them) and a pretty useless bendable feature gets this guy an Eh and a 1/2. He looks cool standing around but that's about it.
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  1. Nope, no weapons for either. Yeah, they're ok just sitting around. You know, something different for someone like me who has well over 100 He-Man and 100 Skeletor figures, but as toys they're pretty dull.

  2. This style should've been selected for the New CGI He-man cartoon. It'd be interesting to see the other Masters of The Universe chars in this kind of toy.

    1. I was thinking about that. I really do like most of the character designs for He-man and the Masters of the Universe but these designs, very classic but stylized, would make for a great project, too.


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