Saturday, August 15, 2015

Episode 3 of The Collection Agency Podcast is Up at Geeks With Wives Radio!

 Me and my good friend Brad Bell have released our newest podcast episode!

On Episode 3 of The Collection Agency Podcast I complain we talk about the difficulties, benefits, and problems caused by exclusives and limited editions in collecting. We also discuss: TMNT Mondo Posters, Garbage Pail Kids, Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys leaking early, the new Sideshow Collectibles Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees premium format figure, new threezero 1/6 scale TMNT figures, Power-Con, and the most unique relationships we've made through collecting.

 Give us a listen and let us know what you think about exclusives. Or anything, really! We just want some comments and to know you're listening!


  1. Another good'n :). Looking forward to the Force Friday broadcast!

    Exclusives... Well, on the one hand, things like a repaint for SDCC, or a white armour Boba Fett (which I was absolutely stunned to find three of in a local toy store - no other 6" Black figures though) I can take or leave. They're fun if you like 'em - a Stan Lee POP in an SDCC shirt is a great souvenir of the event for example. A white McQuarrie inspired Fett - ditto as a novelty, but not essential to complete a display.

    What grates me is the versions of figures that should be part of a basic collection that companies make as exclusives that are just freakin' annoying. One that still bugs me is the 6" Black Jabba the Hutt. At a minimum the figure should have Salacious Crumb and his hooka. Yet the $45+ dollar basic figure doesn't come with a single accessory of any sort (big shock it's beeing marked down in so many places).

    Similarly, the Walgreens exclusive Tyrion Lannister - the normal clothed version should have been the regular release, the armoured version the exclusive, imo. Maybe for collectors in the states this wasn't too much of a hassle, but for us for'ners it's a real pain... I was finally able to get one by going through a second party import service who got in one from Amazon for me.

    The whole oneupmanship of "I've got one and you don't" is all pretty dickish to me. Isn't it more fun for everyone who wants a particular figure to be able to get one, so we can all have the pleasure of being able to discuss and share our enjoyment together?

    And scalpers... yeesh. I know of a local guy who got hold of a bunch of stuff from the only figure shop on my side of the country that unfortunately closed down. I know the one figure he was selling for the equivalent of $50 was on their shelves for about $4. And I've seen him listing these figures literally for the last four years - and no-one's buying cos duh...

    1. BanaziBob, thanks for listening and please also checkout and their other pods. I agree oneupsmanship is a nasty problem in collecting, that I am not proud to say I have been a part of in the past. The important thing is we discuss and explore these problems in collecting, and bring it to the attention of fellow collectors, producers, and distributors, so that the industry can grow and thrive instead of plateauing. - thereelbradbell

    2. I absolutely agree with your thoughts on the Jabba the Hutt release, BanzaiBoB. I really feel that in doing that Hasbro intentionally limited the availability of a desirable product (Jabba with his extras) and instead released a mass market inferior product that has really languished on shelves. What benefit was the exclusive nature of Jabba to Hasbro? Did the Star Wars Black line significantly need the publicity at SDCC? Did this product help retailers or Hasbro in any way? Was Jabba a risky endeavor? It feels like intentional rarity of the worst kind.


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