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Action Figure Review: Vorgga from Cosmic Legions by Four Horsemen Studios


   It's been a week or so since my last Cosmic Legions review, so let's check out the last of the four figures I picked up at the midnight launch party for the line: Vorgga! Vorgga is the first heroic character I picked up in the line and is a member of GraveRing, the prisoners from the circle of cells surrounding the cruel combat arena of Hvalkatar. Vorgga is a Korbarian and a former Edgehounder, a member of an elite special operations branch of the Interorbital Perimeter Guard. What's she doing in Hvakatar prison, anyhow? Reading her bio, she sounds like a pretty decent person and one tough customer. Perhaps Highwarden Slogg is finding ways to get beings he sees as being good fighters taken captive to have them battle in The GraveRing? Let's check our Vorgga after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Double swivel hinge ankles, swivel/hinge knees, swivel thighs, H-hinged hips, balljointed waist, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel forearms, swivel/hinge wrists, swivel neck, and a balljointed head..

Accessories: Ultra-heavy blaster, backpack, ammo belt, 4 swappable hands, 2 short pegs, 2 long pegs, 2 swappable portraits, collar, and 2 shoulder pads.

Non-Scalper Price: $50 dollars

The Positives:

* Vorgga looks very cool and very tough. Like, tough as nails tough. She's not massive, but she seems really muscular and built, kind of like Jenette Vasquez from Aliens, Cara Dune from The Mandalorian, or Holga from D&D: Honor Among Thieves. You know; a Michelle Rodriguez type. She's wearing some really cool armor that has a bit of age to it, but that seems still ready to help her get done what needs to get done. The color choices are fantastic and the paintwork really brings out the detail. It's amazing what a difference in paint quality and detail the standard figures have over the Legions builders.

* Vorgga is a Korbarian from the planet Ocungga and has an elongated head and longer, kind of elf-like ears. Her skin is a pattern of different colors with some interesting blue patches thrown in. They match the color of her eyes, too. 

* There's a collar that can fit over the top of her armor that offers some additional protection, and perhaps a few other features, too. The little painted details on it definitely stand out nicely. 

* Vorgga's second portrait has a respirator like facemask on it. Perhaps it helps her breathe in toxic or hazardous environments? It's really cool and definitely makes her look pretty tough-looking when she's all armored up.

* Vorgga has her hair pulled back on the back of her head with an interesting clip. The respirator mask wearing portrait also has an armored harness around the back of her head. 

* Vorgga is sporting a very, very cool tattoo on her left bicep. I believe it's the symbol of the Edgehounders. This is a very high quality print and the design is just fantastic here.

* Vorgga's belt is really cool and offers a nice mix of readily accessible storage and armored plates to protect her thighs waist. The metal has a great color to it with a bit of a spray effect that makes me think of rust or something. Maybe it's a bit damp and dank down in The GraveRing. 

* There's more armor hanging from her belt in the back along with some really cool pouches. The paint is all nice and sharp, even on tiny stuff like the buckles.

* Borrowing from the style of Mythic Legions, Vorgga also comes with some additional shoulder pads if you weren't here to look even more armored up. I used a little heat to pop these into the holes on back and they went right in. They go great with her collar, almost like they're part of a set.

*Vorgga is sporting the same boots as the T.U.5.C.C. Sentry and Science Officer, but her boots have  a few paint apps some of the more heavily armored bits and a bit of wear and tear. They're also sporting repulsors on the back, presumably allowing her to have the ability to move around in zero gravity.

*  Her boots also have all of the little details on the bottom. I'm guessing repulsors for moving through zero gravity and magnetic locks for moving up walls or staying planted in low gravity areas. 

*  If you're familiar with Mythic Legions, you should recognize that Cosmic Legions figures are built the same as that line so that the parts are interchangeable. They're quite sturdy and I've found them to have really good quality control. There are places that might feel a bit restricted but the figure can take most poses you would hope for and she looks really awesome wielding her massive cannon! She has a great center of gravity and stands upright.

* Vorgga comes with two sets of hands, both of which are standard grips. One set has a vertical hinge at the and the other has a horizontal hinge on the wrist, allowing you to have some more options for how you want her to hold the ultra-heavy blaster.

* Check out the ultra-heavy blaster Vorgga is toting around! This thing is insane! It's an awesome sculpt with lots of detail and some really cool paint applications. This is a mean looking piece of hardware and definitely seems like something Vorgga would use in leading an escape from Hvalkatar. This thing has more paint applications than most mass market figures themselves have.

* Here's a look at the other side. I really love this piece!

* The ultra-heavy blaster has an belt ammo belt which attaches to this backpack. Maybe this thin is toting a massive battery around to fuel the blaster? It's another really well painted piece with a fantastic design. Vorgga looks so cool carrying this. 

* And here's the ammo belt. It's flexible and fits snugly into the bottom of the backpack and the side of the ultra-heavv blaster.

* While Vorgga doesn't have anything that utilizes them, she does come with four pegs that fit into the little holes on the figures and many of the smaller weapons. She has the standard two short pegs and two long pegs.

The Negatives:

* The handle of the ultra-heavy blaster appears to be glued on but mine came loose on one side. I'll have to use a bit of Loctite to stick it back on, so it's not a huge issue, but it was a bit surprising. 

   Thus far, Vorgga is probably my favorite figure in the line. Highwarden Slogg is really close, as he's just so darn cool and huge, but Vorgga really excels on almost every level. Her outfit is incredibly cool, her portraits are fantastic, the paintwork really adds a lot of character, and that massive blaster is just bonkers. I love it! I have the rest of the GraveRing crew from this series and I'm excited to display them all together. I'm slowly making my way through the line, but hopefully I'll get everyone reviewed within the next few weeks. Vorgga is currently the figure to beat as she is downright Epic. 

This is the first figure of Vorgga I've reviewed on the site. For more Cosmic Legions reviews, check out the following:
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