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Action Figure Review: Batgirl from Batman '66 by McFarlane Toys


   Today I'm checking out the Batgirl figure from McFarlane Toy's Batman '66 line. Part of, or a supplement to, the Batman Classic TV series line of figures, most of the characters currently released or coming soon in the Batman '66 series only appear in the recent Batman '66 comic book. Batgirl, however, is a character who appeared in the third season of the television series, played by the late Yvonne Craig. So, why is Batgirl not listed under the main television line? It could have to do with likeness rights. Back in 2013 Yvonne Craig announced that she'd signed a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. regarding her likeness as Batgirl, but that's been 10 years and it's possible Ms. Craig's passing caused some changes. So, this figure is based on the Batman '66 comic take on the character and not Yvonne Craig's likeness, got it? OK, then. Let's check out this absolutely fab Batgirl after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 5 7/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge knees, swivel hips, waist swivel, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel wrists, and a balljointed head. 

Accessories: Batarang and handcuffs.

Non-Scalper Price: $20 dollars

The Positives:

* Mattel released a 6-inch Batgirl in their Batman Classic TV series line back in 2015, but this one is much better, at least when it comes to the sculpt and paint. The proportions are really nice and the sculpt has a few little touches like wrinkles and folds in the fabric to show that it's not just painted on. Her utility belt is pretty well done and her gloves and boots are clearly different colors and sculpted to look like different materials than the main costume. 

* I really like the portrait. It's not a take on Yvonne Craig's likeness, but it still looks like the character. It's better than any other 1967 based Batgirl I can think of in this scale. She's quite pretty with a great smile and fantastic hair. 

* The spikes on her gloves look nice and sharp, showing McFarlane has somehow mastered keeping this element of bat costumes safely packaged.

* Batgirl's boots are really groovy. They're shiny, shapely, and have a high heel. She stands really well on them, though there are foot pegs for using a display stand. 

* Batgirl comes with two accessories, the first being a batarang. Hers is smaller and shaped a bit differently than the other batarangs. 

* She also comes with a pair of batcuffs for capturing the bad guys. 

* Like the rest of the line, Batgirl feels very durable, like a high quality figure. The articulation on the the arms is decent, allowing for some decent poses on the shelf, and the head is OK, though a bit restricted by her hair. From the waist up, anyways...

The Negatives:

* It's kind of weird that these figures don't have useful hip motion; Just a simple cut joint, though they do have swivel/hinge knees. They're just very static, absolutely meant to just be stood around in the various scenes and playsets made for the line rather than truly put in action poses. 

   The Batman Classic TV Series/ Batman '66 figures do sell for less than a normal 6 inch figure at retail, but the missing joints, particularly in the ankles and hips, definitely brings down their fun and versatility some. Still, I really do like the look of this figure. It's a great action figure of the television Batgirl, even if it's based on her appearance in the modern Batman '66 comic book series. Nice accessories and a good head sculpt make for a Great figure. She's not perfect, but she's definitely more impressive than Mattel's 6 inch scaled Batgirl from SDCC 2015.

I've reviewed so much Batgirl stuff that she has her own section on my website! Check out the Batgirl Library for plenty of Batgirl reviews. 

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