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Action Figure Review: T.U.5.C.C. Sentry from Cosmic Legions by Four Horsemen Studios


   Ready for some more Cosmic Legions? Today I'm checking out the second legions builder figure I picked up the night I went to a Cosmic Legions launch party: The T.U.5.C.C. Sentry. Another one of the T.U.5.C.C. employees at Hvalkatar, a combination prison and production facility for the regenerative formula Thryxium, the Sentries have to make sure that no one breaks in or out of the facility. These guys seem to be more concerned with the security of the external facility and are equipped to operate on the outside. Like the Science Officer, the T.U.5.C.C. Sentry is an "army builder" type figure, and thus sells for a little less than the standard named characters. He's got less paint, too, making him feel more more generic, but he still comes with quite a few extras to kit him out in multiple different ways. Let's check out the T.U.5.C.C. sentry after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 7/8ths inches

Articulation: Double swivel hinge ankles, swivel/hinge knees, swivel thighs, H-hinged hips, balljointed waist, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel forearms, swivel/hinge wrists, swivel neck, and a balljointed head..

Accessories: Sniper rifle, rifle, 2 wrist blasters, 2 short pegs, 2 long pegs, 2 swappable portraits, collar, large dome, and dome for helmeted head.

Non-Scalper Price: $45 dollars


* The T.U.5.C.C. Sentry is on the left while the T.U.5.C.C. Science Officer is on the right. While two figures do share the same basic body with different colors schemes, they also have different belts, different forearms, different chest panels, and different heads. 

The Positives:

* The Sentry is much plainer than the Science Officer, but that make sense; clad in all grey with bits of metal here and there, this guy is clearly geared up to be less visible and less of a target. The detail on this suit is excellent and makes this guy look pretty armored up while still having a bit of a sleek profile. There's excellent detail all over the figure, including lots of unique textures on the various areas of the costume. Places like the thighs, chest, shoulders, and biceps have a padded looks that seems to provide more protection and flexibility while other vulnerable parts look more like they're packing inflexible armored plates.

* The Sentry's standard helmet has a yellow visor on top that isn't see through at all. it does pop off, though, and you can see some elements of the armored helmet underneath. It's very sleek and looks like it has been designed to fit the alien race depicted in the alternate portrait included with the figure.

* There's also a separate collar that fits around the neck and attaches to the top of the figure. It's not as tight as I would hope, but it's perfectly fine for display and posing. 

* The clear plastic dome fits over the helmet, providing more protection and breathing capabilities in a hostile atmosphere. Of course, it also looks really good using this piece with the unhelmeted portrait. 

* And here's an unmasked portrait for the Sentry. I love this alien design! A very pronounced brow and eyes (with six glowing orange eyes!), an elongated cranium, and reptilian skin really makes for a unique looking figure. I think I actually like this unmasked portrait more than the helmeted portrait. 

*  Here's a look at the back of the Science Officer so you can see the ports or jet-like protrusions on the spine of the suit (maybe for getting around easier in zero gravity areas outside of Hvalkatar?). His belt is covered with gear, pouches, and lots of interesting looking devices for when he's on guard duty. 

*  The boots are very cool unique with some heavily armored bits and some repulsors on the back, presumably allowing the Sentry to move around in zero gravity areas. 

* There's lots of little details on the bottom of the boots, too. Maybe both repulsors for moving through zero gravity and magnetic locks for moving up walls or staying planted in low gravity areas. 

* If you're familiar with Mythic Legions, you should recognize that Cosmic Legions figures are built the same as that line so that the parts are interchangeable. They're quite sturdy and I've found them to have really good quality control. There are places that might feel a bit restricted but the base figure can take most poses you would hope for and looks standing at guard duty, firing his weapons, or utilizing his dual wrist blasters.

* The Sentry comes with a long range rifle that's pretty long. It's a nice looking piece that blends a gritty, lived-in sci-fi aesthetic with a real world aesthetic. 

*  The Sentry also comes with a heavy blaster rifle. Again, the design philosophy matches the other weapons in this line: Still futuristic but also with enough of a real world aesthetic to look like something from a few years down the line. 

* I'm really loving the wrist blasters included with the Sentry. He comes with two and they fit into the portholes on his forearms. So far we've seen holographic projection effects and wrist blasters, but I'm curious to see what else the Four Horsemen will come up with for this line.

* The little holes on the figures and the weapons are universal and fit the holographic transmissions and these clear pegs. The Sentry comes with four pegs: Two short pegs and two long pegs.

* Either the rifle or the heavy blaster can fit onto the back of the Sentry's belt using one of the long pegs.

* The weapons can also be attached together using the pegs or by plugging the wrist blasters into the portholes. Here's the heavy blaster, sniper rifle, and a wrist blaster all combined together!

The Negatives:

* The belt doesn't quite cover the space between the torso and the waist piece, so you can just look in and see the innards of the torso. That's kind of weird, right?

* It would really be nice to have some painted details on the figure, such as on the pouches and the gear on the belt. It really would have been a nice improvement.

   The T.U.5.C.C. Sentry is a really cool figure with some great accessories and two very cool portraits. I really love the unmasked head with the six orange eyes. That's a really strong sculpt! I like the figure quite a bit, though for the price it seems like the paintwork is really lacking a bit. Despite still looking simple, the Science Officer had a unique color that stood out and seemed really impressive, but the Sentry could use a bit more painted detail to bring out the details in the sculpt. He's still a Good and a 1/2 figure, but I was hoping for a bit more at this price point. 

This is the first T.U.5.C.C. Sentry I've reviewed. For more Cosmic Legions reviews check out the following:
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