Friday, March 13, 2020

Toy Review: He-Man from Masters of the Universe: Figural Bag Clips by Monogram International

 Almost 4 years ago I reviewed a Batgirl keychain from Monogram International and now I'm finally looking at another item the company has released: A He-Man bag clip! There is quite a bit of new Masters of the Universe product out right now, which is awesome! For years MOTU has felt like a very niche property but now it seems to be getting the recognition it deserves. The Masters of the Universe: Figural Bag Clips have been showing up at Target and Hot Topic over the past couple of weeks. I ordered mine from Hot Topic as they were available online and I found some coupons to use to get 30% off my order. The set has 11 different bag clips: He-Man, Prince Adam, Skeletor, Orko, Evil-Lyn, Faker, Mer-Man, Beast Man, Stratos and two "chase" clips: Battle Armor He-Man and Battle Armor Skeletor. I didn't find either of the chase clips and I'm still missing Orko, too. I got He-Man, though, so let's check him out after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 2 inches

Articulation: None

Accessories: None

Non-Scalper Price: $7-8 dollars

 The Positives:

* I really like the look of these. They look like what a cartoon strip version of Masters of the Universe might look like that was targeted towards kids. Or Scribblenauts. They kind of look like the Scribblenauts characters, don't they? The details are "etched" into the rubbery figures and, for the most part, everything is neat and clean. They're not perfect but I do like them.

* Rather than having a metal key-ring, these have a plastic clip. They're marketed as bag clips, so I guess the intention is to display them on a backpack or satchel of sorts. I'm going to have to find a cool way to display them in my MOTU collection. Also, check out the scabbard on He-Man's back. That's a cool little detail, right?

  These little guys are fun. While they're blind bagged (with a cardboard sleeve around them to make it harder to tell who you're getting), which I don't like, they're definitely kind of unusual, too. I love seeing the fun, colorful MOTU crew in a variety of mediums and the Monogram International bag clips deliver for me. They're perhaps a bit pricey for what they are but I still love this little He-Man. He's a Great little trinket that you can tote around wherever you go!

He-Man/ Prince Adam is one of my favorite characters and I've reviewed so many action figures and toys based on him that he has his own review archive. Check out Fabulous Secret Powers for an abundance of He-Man reviews!

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