Friday, January 16, 2015

I Just Subscribed to Loot Crate to get Star Wars #1


      I love getting goofy stuff in the mail, so I just signed up for Loot Crate. Heard of it? It's a subscription service that costs between $12 and $14 dollars a month which involves you getting a crate of bizarre nerdy stuff. They guarantee you'll get at least $40 dollars worth of stuff and honestly I believe that. Look at some of the cool stuff they gave out a month or two ago for a Galactic themed crate. There's a Funko ReAction figure and a Funko mystery mini. That's about 17-18 dollars worth of stuff right there. It's different every month but you get the idea. Anyways, if you subscribe by Monday evening you can get an exclusive cover of Marvel's Star Wars #1 in the next crate. That's already worth 3 or 4 bucks at least. Anyways, you can subscribe a month at a time, three months at a time or six months at a time. I did the three month plan to see what I think (and get the exclusive Star Wars comic cover). If you're interested, check it out: Loot Crate. Also, use STARWARS as a discount code and you'll save three dollars. Wizard!

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