Thursday, June 15, 2023

Action Figure Review: Batcycle (The Flash) from DC Multiverse by McFarlane Toys


   The Flash comes out today and I'm pretty conflicted about it. One one hand, I'm wildly excited about the return of Michael Keaton as Batman as well as the return of Ben Affleck as Batman, even though his role seems like it will be pretty minor. Like pretty much everyone else my age, I absolutely love the Tim Burton and Michael Keaton films as they have just the right amount of darkness and comic book absurdity to make them incredibly enjoyable, so getting Keaton to don the cowl again is like a dream come true. On the other hand, while I like the character of the Flash and really enjoyed Flashpoint, I've never been too impressed by Ezra Miller's take on the Flash and I'm less than enthused about giving the actor support due to some of the more egregious accusations against him. I feel conflicted, like getting the chance to visit with an old and dearly loved friend but having to also spend time with the person they're currently dating who I just can't stand. Ugh. I'm going to the movie, yeah, but it's for Keaton and Affleck. And Nicholas Cage as Superman. Let's not forget that. Oh, and Zod and Faora are back, so that's pretty cool, too. I'm pretty curious to see how Sasha Calle's Supergirl turns out, too. OK, so I'm excited for about everything in this movie except the Flash himself. 

   So, onto toys! I picked up the Batcycle from this movie a month or so ago as it really looks pretty cool and makes the kind of dull Affleck Batman figure from the film more exciting. This is the first McFarlane Batcycle I've picked up and I have to say that it's a pretty hefty chunk of plastic for $30 bucks. McFarlane has made quite a few Batcycles in the line, so I'm sure some of y'all have a pretty extensive collection. This is my first, so let's check it out after the break...

The Facts:

Length: 12 1/8ths inches

Articulation: Rolling front and rear wheels.

Accessories: Collectible card

Non-Scalper Price: $30 dollars

The Positives:

* This version of the Batcycle definitely adheres to the design philosophy of Affleck's Batman rather than Keaton's Batman: It's bulky, armored, and looks very utilitarian. It's fast, heavy, and gets the job done. At just a little over a foot long it's also a pretty nicely sized collectible. There aren't any action or play features, but is that really what you're wanting from a piece like this? Odds are most of us are going to just put Batman on it, maybe zoom him across our desk every now and then, and display him. 

* The tires are really nice and heavy on this. The front wheels are actually dual tires which looks pretty solid. When I first saw this motorcycle in the Superbowl teaser trailer I thought it was the Nolan-verse Batpod, but obviously it's not. I really hope McFarlane puts out a Batpod at some point. That would be a sweet ride.

* The body of the Batcycle is heavily armored and there are some nice paint effects on the armored bits and body housing to give it a more weathered and rugged appearance. There are also some serious looking cannons on the sides, too. This Batcycle doesn't put up with traffic!

* The seat is very minimal and very spartan, as are the handlebars. They don't really turn though these do "wiggle" a bit to help get the figure attached. What's really cool is the turbine under the seat. This thing has to have some serious kick to it. 

* While the Ben Affleck inspired Batman figure from this movie is underwhelming as this version of Batman, it's not a horrible looking figure and he looks great riding the Batcycle. You don't need a stand with this Batcycle as the thicker wheels keep it standing upright. 

* As always, a collectible card is included with some random art of Batman riding this Batcycle. There's a bit of a bio on the back as well. It's weird they didn't use movie stills on these cards; just art. 

   There aren't really any frills or features on this bike; it's just a solid vehicle that looks impressive and displays well. It's also a 1/10th scale motorcycle that you can pick up for $30 dollars or less, so the price is definitely right. This thing is solid, durable, and looks good with most of your Batman figures, though the fabric capes on the Batman figures from The Flash definitely make putting those figures on the vehicle much easier. I can't speak to the quality of the movie yet but as for this Batcycle, I think it's a Great piece that radically improves the underwhelming Batfleck figure from the line. 

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  1. Looks outstanding. I think it would fit in well with GI Joe Classified or Valaverse.

    1. I think it could work there, too. Might be a bit too large as the DC Multiverse figures are 7 inches rather than 6, so they'd probably have to lay down more on the bike.

  2. I dig the cycle, but really just can't get past the figure, and don't wanna get one without the other. If that rumored Batman six-pack's Affleck looks good I'll pick this up

    1. I like the Affleck Batman from this series, but it looks nothing like the Affleck Batman in the film. It's like some other random version of Batman. Affleck's suit in The Flash is kind of cool, grey with a dark blue cape and cowl, but the cowl does look kind of weird.

      Nothing compares to the BVS suit, though. It's far from my favorite Batman film but I don't think anything has come close to the BVS Batsuit. Heck, all three of his outfits are killer in that movie.

  3. I really hope we get a Batpod from TDK. My only interest in the Flash was the return of Keaton, Affleck' Batman, and Supergirl. I wasn't disappointed with the movie. Ezra is still grating as Barry Allen most of the time (though he does get more serious about halfway through the movie) but it was still enjoyable.


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