Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Plundor Cake!


   I've shared before that my dad bakes great cakes and will go all out to decorate them, too. Back in 2019 my parents retired and moved close to us and my dad began baking special cakes for our birthdays again. After he arose to the challenge of a pistachio Moss Man cake (flocked with green coconut), he has also made a butterscotch Scare Glow cake and a raspberry Orko cake. He's been training our daughter, Adora, and this year she made my birthday cake. Well, birthday cakes. I originally suggested that this year's cake should look like Plundor, but then I found a recipe for a cake inspired by the strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. It has a crumbly top, so it couldn't be decorated. I was surprised, though, that my dad and daughter split the cake into two, giving one the crumbly topping and the other a buttercream frosted Plundor. Amazing!

Here's me with the Plundor cake!

And here's the Plundor cake along with the standard strawberry shortcake ice cream bar inspired cake with the crumbly topping. I think it's a mixture of Golden Oreos crushed and strawberry Jello mix.


  1. Outstanding. Happy birthday! I think the Scareglow is the most impressive but they all rock.

    1. The Scare Glow cake was pretty awesome looking. Last year I had an Orko cake but I need to find some pictures of it. It was pretty sweet.

  2. Thanks! Yes, I was very pleased and surprised by the Plundor cake.


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