Thursday, September 21, 2023

Action Figure Review: Kraggnar from Cosmic Legions by Four Horsemen Studios


   I've almost made it through the first series of Cosmic Legions figures that I picked up and today I'm checking out the second of the two heavy hitters in this line thus far: Kraggnar! Kragggnar is one of the prisoners of Hvalkatar who has been thrust into gladiatorial combat. He's good at it, though. Really good. Having four arms and a massive frame, Kraggnar (better known as Kragg) is a Tettroderm from the planet Quarvum and a former architect who probably thought he'd never have an opportunity to utilize both his brain and his brawn like he does in the GraveRing. Hvalkatar sure has an interesting mixture of inmates, huh? Who is sending them there? It seems far more sinister than your average space prison, almost like someone is sending individuals there to silence them for some reason. Who knows? Kraggnar really feels like he captures the space fantasy feel of this series with equal parts sci-fi and barbarian fantasy. Let's take a look at Kraggnar after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 9 1/2 inches

Articulation: Double swivel hinge ankles, swivel/hinge knees, swivel thighs, balljointed hips, balljointed waist, balljointed mid-torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, balljointed neck, and a balljointed head..

Accessories: Club, 2 additional arms, 2 arm socket covers, 4 cuffs, harness, 2 portraits, and 6 swappable hands. 

Non-Scalper Price: $80 dollars

The Positives:

* First up, I've got to point out that Kragggnar is huge. Even without his additional arms (more on those in a minute) he's still a wide guy. Tall, too. Olek Thygar is a bit taller than your average Cosmic Legions figure and Kraggnar towers over him! Definitely someone you want on your side, right?

The Positives:

* Kraggnar is a large, reptilian creature who kind of reminds me of one of the dejarik pieces from Star Wars (probably the Mantellian Savrip). He's a massive, muscular guy covered with scales. His color scheme is excellent with a nice mixture of colors ranging from dark red to yellow, though mostly he's shades of orange. He does have some removable armor, which I'll get to in a minute, but his belt is pretty cool. He really mixes together elements of sci-fi and space fantasy, feeling like someone who would be at home in the world of Dejah Thoris and John Carter. 

The Positives:

* Kragg has two swappable portraits, the first showing him looking pretty pissed. He's sporting some scars across his face, too, which I imagine he didn't get from his days as an architect. Who knows how long Kraggnar has been imprisoned and fighting in the GraveRing? The dark red ridges that start on his forehead run all the way down his back and his eyes protrude just a bit from his head. the sculpt and the paint is all on point here.

* When he's feeling a bit more mellow, perhaps when just chilling out and scheming with the other members of GraveRing, you can use this second portrait. He's not baring his exposed teeth at anyone and his eyes look a bit more closed and relaxed. 

* Here's a look at the crazy detailed scales that run down Kragg's back. Not only do they look really impressive but the color scheme is just excellent, too, with a lot of blending to give the figure a very premium look and feel. If you look closely, there are two places on Kraggnar's back that look like separate pieces. Those actually pop out, allowing for his two extra arms to pop onto his back. Or, if you only want a two armed Tettroderm, just remove the arms and slap in these caps. These figures always have a lot of options for customization and having the ability to swap the number of arms like that is very welcome. 

* Here's a look at the details that run all the way down Kragg's arms with a variety of sizes and textures for his scales. 

* Here's a close up look at both Kraggnar's cool, sci-fi tech belt and his barbaric furry trunks. This guy would go great with Masters of the Universe, wouldn't he?

* Kragg's chest armor is removable but he looks so darn cool with it on you probably won't want to take it off. Like his belt, it's also very futuristic looking while still seeming kind of crude in a way. I wonder if it's just decorative or if it has some sort of a function. Maybe an energy shield? I guess the Hvalkatar guards could also have it on him as a restraining device; perhaps he gets shocked if he doesn't obey. 

* He's also wearing some heavy bracers with loops on them. I guess these are more like manacles, so that might give my theory that the vest keeps him in line a bit more credence. These things must be strong as they have lots of damage on them yet they still haven't broken. Kragg comes with four of these, one for each of his arms. Just pop off the hand and they slip right over the forearm. 

* Speaking of four arms, yes, Kraggnar does have four of them. He looks awesome with them, too. They come separate in the package but they're easily attached. Each arm has the same articulation as his standard arms, so swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, and swivel/hinge wrists.

* Here's a look at Kraggnar from the back so you can see how the arms attach. You can also see the "metal" loop on the back of his armor, presumably for restraining him when necessary. 

* Kragg comes with six swappable hands, although with having four arms you'll need to use four of them at a time. He's got a set of grappling hands, a pair of fists, and a pair of standard grips for holding melee weapons. 

* Here's a look at his reptilian feet and his armored greaves. Heck, considering the other stuff he's wearing, though, they might also be part of the gear keeping him restrained in Hvalkatar prison. 

* While he's larger than his line mates, Kraggnar is built like them for the most part. His articulation is pretty good and meshes beautifully with the sculpt. Of course, he's also sporting articulation on all four arms and a really interesting comb of a fullinternal  balljoint at the top of his neck and a true balljoint where the head attached, so his head can be pretty expressive. 

* Kraggnar isn't loaded with extra accessories but the one he comes with is pretty substantial: A massive club. Is this really a specially designed war club or is it some piece of hardware that Kragg yanked off of some machinery in order to use it to beat the crap out of his opponents? Whatever it is, the Four Horsemen really gave it some excellent detail and multiple paint applications. 
The Negatives:

* My only complaint with Kraggnar is that sometimes the little furry bits on his trunks come off, leaving a bit of a mess. 

  Kraggnar definitely feels like one of the must haves from this first series of Cosmic Legions due to his impressive sculpt, paintwork, size, and his overall design. He's a Great figure and a unique looking character that really stands out on your shelf, even among he rest of the colorful Cosmic Legions cast. He seems really versatile, too, and could probably fit into multiple different toylines easily. There's always room for a massive four-armed alien architect turned gladiator in your collection, isn't there?

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  1. Great figure. It would be funny to build a Dejarik table and populate it with Cosmic Legion figures.


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