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Action Figure Review: Nightwing from Super Powers by McFarlane Toys


   The Series 2 Super Powers figures from McFarlane (Green Lantern John Stewart, the Batman Who Laughs, and the Flash) were a big improvement over the series one releases (Batman, Superman, and Darkseid) and, so far, Series 3 looks to have improved even more. I reviewed Deathstroke last month and now I'm checking out Nightwing. While Dick Grayson did appear in the vintage Super Powers line as Robin, in the comics at the time Jason Todd was Robin and Dick was Nightwing. This isn't the Nightwing costume of that era, however, but the Nightwing of the late 90s to early 2000s. It's definitely my favorite look for the character and it's exactly what I think of when I think of  Nightwing. It doesn't seem that there was ever any intention to release a Nightwing in the vintage Super Powers line but maybe this guy will find a home in your collection and rectify that. Let's leap into a new Nightwing review after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 4 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Hinged knees, swivel hips, swivel shoulders, and a swivel head.

Accessories: 2 Eskrima sticks

Non-Scalper Price: $10 dollars

The Positives:

* I tend to find this to be the most classic, recognizable version of Nightwing. Yeah, it's not his first costume, but it's the one I most associate with the character, If you asked me attempt to draw Nightwing, you'd get something like this. He looks like a Super Powers figure with a slender but muscular body. There's not a lot of sculpted detail on Dick's body since his costume isn't really drawn with a texture; he's just all black with that stripe of blue across the middle. 

* The headsculpt is really good and looks neat and clean, yet still reflecting the vintage era of Kenner's Super Powers line. The mask has a cool shape and is very neatly and cleanly painted on. 

* Since this is a tribute to the vintage Kenner line (and one designed to fit in with those figures for the most part), the articulation is the same as the Kenner figures: Swivel hips, swivel shoulders, a swivel neck, and hinged knees. The hinged knees definitely set Super Powers apart from most other Kenner lines as it allowed for the figures to better sit in vehicles. The quality is really good here and Nightwing is sturdy. He can also hold both of his eskrima sticks. 

* Speaking of which, here they are! Nightwing comes with two eskrima sticks. They're just short, plastic rods, but that's pretty accurate to what Disck Grayson utilizes in the comics most of the time. 

*   If you're looking for a simple, basic version of Nightwing that captures  retro Kenner aesthetic, this is it. He's well made, nicely painted and sculpted, and you can pick him up for under $10 bucks. I'm glad to see Nightwing in the line and while it seems that some folks really want McFarlane to remake the full vintage Super Powers line, I'm most interested to see how various Gothamites look in this style. I really want to see Batgirl and Harley Quinn show up! Nightwing is a Great figure, though, and makes a nice addition to the line. 

If you're looking for more reviews of Dick Grayson/ Nightwing stuff, I've also looked at Mattel's DC Comics Multiverse Dick Grayson Batman, the Lego Batman: Man-Bat Attack which includes Nightwing, the Kenner Legends of Batman Nightwing, the DC Icons Hush Nightwing, the New 52 Nightwing, the Jada Nano Metalfigs DC103 Nightwing, and Robin from the Teen Titans Go! To the Movies line.

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  1. Hey mate, bad news, or good depending on how you see it. Hasbro ordered that all the new SW Black Series figures from 2023 onwards won't ve allowed to be preordered. Instead they will be sold when they get on the market, they cease the pre-order system except for HASLAB exclusives

    Also, they are planning to do it too for Classified, Lightning Collection and Marvel Legends.

    1. Huh.

      Where did you see the other lines mentioned? I've only found the Star Wars press release.

      This seems like... Well, like a bad idea. I don't think the issue collectors had was with preorders, but with the fact that Hasbro's preorders were all over the place. I had G.I.Joe figures on preorder for nearly a year from Target. That's pretty ridiculous. They need to do a preorder 3-4 months before these things arrive. I can't imagine this helping smaller companies, either. Maybe this is in response to the problems with Dorkside going out of business/ other smaller companies getting overwhelmed, but, then again, maybe then again, without preorders those figures will still show up and smaller e-tailers will be having to purchase them with less notice, I guess.

    2. I found out when i asked some Hasbro distributors in Spain through the Online Chat option. I asked on three of them (PiXELATOY, EndorMoonStore and ActionToys) and all of them told me that Hasbro applied this on the Black Series line and they are plnning to apply it too on their other lines. They will affect only the new 2023 figures.

      Also, there seems to be rumors about new articulation systems, as someone on the web recalled that the new G.I. Joe Classified figures have a different ball joint for the heads and they are not like the 2022 or older ones, so heads on't be interchangeable for the new ones. And seems they are doing it so people can't get custom kits nor weapons to fit on it.

      AFAIK, seems they are aso deleting the pre-order option because some people like to pre-order 10-20 figures for army building and they let other customers without options, which makes Hasbro lose money on the long terms.

      For me is actually good, not gonna lie, because i never buy pre-orders as some shops tend to take the money and instead of refunding it they give you a ticket to spend on the shop. In Europe, at least in Spain, some shops do it and i hate it.

    3. That's really weird about the heads. They've definitely changed things up a bit over the past couple years with some heads, but I really can't imagine Hasbro thinking that something to make a figure less customizable would be good for business. I mean, how many extra figures do they probably sell to customizers and folks using kids to modify existing builds. I wouldn't cry if they got rid of the drop down hips, though. They're OK but they seem like they could get fragile over time.

      Their preorders are so weird because it doesn't seem like they really use them to gauge interest and plan the production run accordingly.

  2. Imagine that with the pre-order system i was going to take a Classified Crimson Guard from PiXELATOY or ActionToys and i could not as fanatics pre-ordered tons of them and let me and other customers without an option. I had to take the Retro CG (which, being honest, managed to like more as it's based on the Sunbow series and I prefer the lighter red color and the silver face plate) as the Classified CG was sold-out on pre-orders quite fast. Will be my last figure of my small collection of eight figures (Bandai Dragon Stars Perfect Cell, Classified Cobra Commander normal version, Classified B.A.T. and Alley Viper, Lightning Collection Phantom Ranger and Magna Defender, Black Series deluxe Boba Fett and the Retro Classified CG).

    I would collect more but space and money are issues now. Obviously i can get more figures, but eating plastic guns and cardboards is not a good nutrition. Haha!

    Also, i want to tell you. I saw your Cortex Commander review from the "The Worst" Super 7 line. They are now doing a Super 7 Ultimates Cortex Commander, and i wonder if you will get one.

    And i don't want to be so annoying, but i was wondering two things, the one if Super 7 will make a Maid Marian figure, because is quite idiotic having Robin Hood and King John and we are missing her. The second, if you can tell me if the NECA figures break easily, because maybe in a future i will plan to get an Ultimate Nightmare Demon but i saw so many complaints about broken legs and snapped knee connectors.

    I wish you a nice day, mate, and if i find more info about Hasbro and pre-orders i will notify you.

    1. Regarding the Worst, I did buy the first two Ultimates figures and they're... not great. They're overpriced and just not as impressive as the renders they solicited. If they don't improve the quality, I'm not going to pick up any further figures. I love the designs and accessories, though.

      For Super7, I have no idea what they'll do with Disney. While they seem intent on finishing lines like TMNT and Thundercats, they also seem really random on some other lines. Their Simpsons and Disney stuff is all over the place. I could see them only doing Robin Hood and no one else.

      I haven't had any problems with NECA figures in a long time, but I haven't bought many lately. The last ones I picked up were Demona, Ash from The Evil Dead, and the Halloween Kills Michael Myers. I can't speak about the Nightmare Demon specifically, though, but NECA figures in general aren't the brittle collectibles they used to be.

    2. True, about the renders i know that quite well. Super 7 Ultimates Cobra Commander dissapointed me a lot when i saw the render and months after i saw photos of the figure in a desk, and it was not as good as the renders. Ultimates Cortex Commander looks nice but after what you said of the first two figures and the expensive price (crap, 120€ in Spain for it, for that price i can have a Viper Officer-Cipers 3-pack from Classified) it's a full pass for me.

      Also, makes me a bit sad that Maid Marian never had the attentipn other Disney females had (except on the web, you know what i mean).

      About NECA, i decided i will pass the Nightmare Demon too as i saw complaints of people who asked for a change of the figure as the leg was broken to get a new one with both legs broken.

      And a thing that pissed me of today. I am a fan of a games saga called Metal Slug, and i saw a company is making figures of the two male protagonist and two Rebel Soldier enemy figures. I saw that in Europe the protagonist figures go for 90€ each and the Rebel Soldier 2-pack for 180€. Wow, hella expensive. I watched in USA and the protagonists go for 80€ each and the 2-pack for 160€. And what pisses me off is that they are not 12' figures, not even 7' with tons of items. THEY ARE 6 INCH FIGURES! 90€ FOR A 6' FIGURE WITH A CRAPPY STAND AND 4 STUPID ACCESORIES! And the reason why they are so expensive? They are Japan Exclusives and SNK, the game's company, needs money after they shut down all their mobile gacha-type games and the company was bought by Saudi Arabia's prince, the same guy who ordered to kill Kashoggi the reporter.

    3. That's crazy about the SNK stuff being bought by bin Salman. Sheesh.

      And yeah, those Metal Slug figures look cool but, wow, they're pricey. I was interested in a few of them as I like Metal Slug, too, but I had to pass. We have an arcade museum near is that has a machine with all of the games on it.

    4. Imagine how pissed off i am. I always liked the Rebel Army (after all, if you analize the Metal Slug saga's lore, the Rebel Army are actually the good guys trying to eliminate the corruption fron the world and the Regular Army only serve as the military branch for corrupt governments which treat the Rebels as terrorists) and i even was a Rebel Army Main Player in the gacha Android game Metal Slug Attack (without paying a cent, which is a nice achievement in a gacha game, being honest). And seeing the single soldier pack for 90€ and the 2-pack for 180€ on 6 inch figures feels like a kick in the balls with the boot that the Australian government used against Bart Simpson's butt in that episode of The Simpsons.

      I hope in a future another company makes cheaper figures of Metal Slug on 6 inch sizes. If not, some Cobra Troopers and a Cobra Officer can work as some alternatives too.

      And about SNK, they closed all their Android Play Store mobile games related to Metal Slug (except the Arcade Originals that i can get for MAME on the web instead of paying 2 euros for each game) and i don't get why if their gacha games were money milkers (except for me, i am a full F2P player).


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