Sunday, April 11, 2021

Collectible Review: She-Ra from Geeki Tikis by Beeline Creative Inc.

  I figure I should probably wrap up my reviews of the Masters of the Universe Geeki Tikis as I've had them for over a month so today we're going to check out She-Ra, the most powerful Tiki mug in the Universe! She-Ra is the fifth mug from this set that I've reviewed and she's quite cool. She's similar to He-Man in color and design though her yellow is a bit lighter than He-Man's yellow. They make a great pair, though. I'm always thrilled to get MOTU stuff that's a bit outside of the box and these definitely count in my book. Let's check out She-Ra after the break...
The Facts:
Height: 7 inches

Capacity: 18 fl oz.

Material: Ceramic

Non-Scalper Price: $20-$30 dollars

The Positives:
* She-Ra is mostly painted with a "watery" yellowish color, mixed with just a hint of white. It's nice looking and really shows off the sculpt which is excellent. The idea behind these is clearly to envision the MOTU characters as a Tiki carving so She-Ra's features are very stern with ornate designs and a faux wood texture in some places.

* She's depicted holding the Sword of Protection which is pretty cool. I'm glad to see the weapon details on these mugs as it just makes them stand out and feel truer to the character. Sword to straw!

* The design of this She-Ra seems to draw heavily from her Filmation appearance which, to be sure, is her most recognizable look. Not all of the mugs in this set have paint applications but She-Ra does have the red jewel on her tiara given a very clean paint hit and it looks great. I like the minimalist paint on these and She-Ra's is the perfect usage.
* From the back you can see the faux wooden design on She-Ra's base and cape and the excellent work on her hair. I like the way her wavy hair turns into decorative curls.

      I'm giving She-Ra a Good and a 1/2, a rating I also gave to He-Man and Orko. Ranking these, I'd probably go with Mer-Man on top, then Battle Cat, then Orko, then She-Ra, and then He-Man. These are really cool though they really could stand to be a few bucks cheaper (if you're getting these closer to $20 than $30 bucks you're doing well. She-Ra and He-Man make an awesome pair on the shelf and I'm really loving the way these look as a group. Maybe once I review them all (Skeletor is coming soon!) I'll post a picture of my display.
I've reviewed so many different toys and collectibles of She-Ra/ Adora that I've given her a review archive of her own. Check out the Crystal Castle for all of the She-Ra reviews you need to start your own Great Rebellion! 
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